In response to Mr. Graham's letter regarding the gun seizure by the MPD: Yes, they know the Fourth Amendment. Do we know all of the circumstances behind the decision to seize Mr. Pyle's guns? Is Mr. Graham sure all the facts have been correctly reported by the news media and not just sensationalized as usual?

What if they knew things that we don't know and Mr. Pyle went off the next day and shot up his prior employer and their workers (ODOT)? Would we not be out there yelling for Chief Schoen's head for not doing anything before it happened?

Get a grip, people. Our law enforcement are trying to protect us. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. I am proud to have Chief Schoen and I was also proud of my son, Central Point officer Willie Mott. — Mary Ann Mott, Medford

As both a friend and having worked with Don Skundrick while he was at Knife River Corp. (formerly LTM Inc.), I wholeheartedly support Don for Jackson County commissioner.

Before his retirement, many men and women (about 100 people) who worked with Don Skundrick shared with me, in the most positive sense, "I wish I had more time with Don; he wants me to succeed; he knows so much."

His wide-ranging knowledge and shoe-leather experience inspires others around him to give "just a little bit more," and now Don Skundrick wants to serve Jackson County. People want "more time with Don" because outcomes are invariably improved. Jackson County would be, too.

Your vote cast for Don Skundrick as our county commissioner is literally a chance to better our future. You can help at ElectDonNow.com. — Tom Smith, Medford

Thanks so much to the 250-plus business volunteers who raised $35,000 during Sterling Savings Bank's fundraiser for local Junior Achievement programs. Now, more than ever, we need to teach kids what it takes to get and keep a job and how to manage their money. Because of that tremendous effort in challenging economic times, 4,500 Rogue Valley students will receive Junior Achievement's personal finance and work-readiness programs this year.

JA's Business Advisory Board provided fabulous prizes. The Mail Tribune and KOBI 5 made sure JA got the word out. Thanks to all of you who gave so generously to support our local JA programs. You are making a difference! — Mary Holbrook, director, ACCESS Junior Achievement, Medford

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