The government has absolutely no right to set standards and regulations for marriage. This is not part of government's job description.

As a Roman Catholic, I believe that marriage is a holy sacrament between a man and a woman and that is none of the government's business. Others of other faiths have different ideas on the subject, but government does not have the duty or right to resolve and regulate these differences. My faith does not allow same sex marriages, but that does not mean that people of other beliefs should not be allowed to observe their beliefs.

The basic problem is that government has the misguided idea that it is its job to form society. Therefore, it feels obliged to encourage marriage by all sorts of regulations, tax breaks and so forth. However, the real job of government is to serve society by preserving the rights of the individuals it serves.

So, rather than debating single-sex marriage, we should be removing the preferences shown to married couples and removing government from the question entirely. — Tobias Joel, Medford

Nancy Pelosi, interviewed on PBS, presented the health reform plan in glowing terms no Republican could oppose. No hard questions were asked.

Somewhat more honest, Ed Shultz and a Democratic senator admitted the plan was terrible, which was what they wanted. The terrible plan would require alteration, and the alteration ultimately would be socialized medicine.

I wrote to our senators to ask if they agreed with that concept. Wyden: No reply. Merkley: Reply with no answer.

I have no love for insurance companies, but I can't buy the idea that requiring them to greatly expand coverage will bring down costs. In the book "Honest Nutrition," I list causes of high health care costs, and present bills solve none of them. This is a political bill being promoted with political motives.

Why not reform that brings down costs and leaves us more freedom of choice than now? It can be done.

How can we not despise the dishonesty of those promoting false reform?

I wish our Democrat legislators were half as honest as Rush Limbaugh. — Ira Edwards, Medford

The Consumer Price Index has just proven itself wrong. Food prices are going up everywhere, and Exxon hasn't even made its move yet.

As the D.C. patriots have no intention to take on the "big boys," they will continue to put out smoke screens to cover their own asses and investments.

I would love to open all the bank vaults in the world and look at the smile on Mr. Moore's face. — F.C. Mequish, Medford

We support Sgt. 1st Class Scott Irving 100 percent. He should be retired from the Oregon National Guard, with full benefits, at once.

Guard officials who say he doesn't merit a medical discharge at this time are morons. — Richard and Doris Kane, Medford

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