Is the public entitled to know who lawfully carries concealed weapons? Jackson County Sheriff Winters is pursuing that issue in court, whether the privacy and security interests of weapons-permit holders prevail over the public's right to know who is legally armed.

Is bullying at school a protected form of free speech? A Beverly Hills student posted a YouTube video of several girls bad-mouthing a classmate. The "victim" was mortified by her peers' response. The "perpetrator" was suspended, then sued the school district for denying her free speech. The relevant U.S. Supreme Court's 1969 decision, Tinker v. Des Moines, upheld students' rights to protest the Vietnam War by wearing black armbands. Today's electronics present new issues of free speech versus student disruption and harassment.

Do national security concerns justify denying alleged victims of torture the right to be heard in court? The Bush and Obama administrations invoked the "state secrets privilege" to have such cases dismissed. Your published L.A. Times editorial urges the 9th U.S. Circuit Court to overrule that policy. Should victims' rights prevail over our national security rights? Even Solomon might be uncertain.

Thank you for reporting on complex legal issues that deserve thoughtful consideration. — Betty R. Kazmin, Medford

There are lies, white lies and damned lies. They are all being used by the anti-tax lobby. That's what people do when the truth would hurt. Who will pay more under Measures 66 and 67? Truth is only the top 2.5 percent of Oregon taxpayers who make over $250,000. Forget Susie Shopper worried about withholding.

Truth — the biggest businesses funding the anti-tax movement are mostly out-of-state corporations who take profits out of Oregon while we provide infrastructure and educated workforce that brought them here. Reduce funding for schools, courts, law enforcement, roads, and watch them flee.

Also true — nearly 90 percent of Oregon corporations are limited liability corporations facing a minimum $150 liability. Those are typically doctors, lawyers, dentists, and small businesses that use the LLC to shelter their personal assets. No threat here. They funnel most profits to their personal income, and plan accordingly.

Vote yes for Oregon's future. — Kathleen Heritage, Rogue River

I just wanted to say that it is ridiculous that people are trying to be politically correct about Christmas. Christmas is the birth of Jesus. And people who don't like it don't have to celebrate it.

I don't like all the sex and language used on TV. And people like me are told that we don't have to watch it: "Change the channel." Well, I think if people don't like Christmas then don't celebrate it.

Oh, and by the way, Christmas is a federal holiday. Not Hanukkah or "Holiday." So if people don't like Christmas, then they should make sure that they go to work on Christmas, or if their workplace is not open on Christmas, they should make sure to give their employer that extra money back. — Jennifer McGinnis, Medford

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