I would like to make a complaint regarding dog poop at Pioneer Village Creek and walk-way.

I walk a resident's dog three times a day in that area and take a doggie bag with me to pick up her messes. No wonder why the residents in the area (including Noonan Square) have beautifully kept lawns! They walk their dogs in that area and leave their messes behind.

Is it that hard to bring a bag with you? Plastic bags are plentiful and serve a good purpose. It is becoming a gross area and the dog I walk on a leash and I have to walk around the piles and it becomes harder every day. — Kay Adams, Jacksonville

The handling of the health care bill by Harry Reid and the Democrats is nothing short of criminal. That an elected representative would attempt to force a vote on a bill which has not even been seen by the Senate is a travesty. Have Reid and the Democrats forgotten that this is a democracy where we don't hide the ball, but where we make decisions which affect the American people after study and full consideration?

Any senator who votes for a bill he or she has not thoroughly studied should have impeachment charges filed and be prosecuted for dereliction of their duty to their constituents and to the nation as a whole.

The Obama/Reid/Pelosi machine's disrespect for and abuse of the legislative process must come to an end. The Constitution is hanging by a thread. It is time for all Americans to act to protect the founding principles that have made this country great. — Raymond Smith, Central Point

In our blame-game society, is big government or big business responsible for:

1. Outsourcing millions of our jobs?

2. Rising health insurance rates 15 time the rate of inflation?

3. Reincorporating to the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes?

4. Hiding wealth in foreign banks to avoid taxes?

5. Changing our economy from product-based to gambling with other peoples money?

6. Funding lobbyists to channel hundreds of millions to 535 congressmen?

7. Passing legislation that awards drug companies billions in drug sales?

8. The billions of dollars of cost overruns on military contracts?

9. Not enforcing regulations on the food, airline and financial industry?

10. Structuring Senate rules so that there can be 139 filibusters in one session?

Perhaps there is a need to refocus our anger or at least admit that there is an abundance of blame to go around. — R. Steffani, Ashland

Recently there have been many Light One Candle articles in the MT telling of women who have been battered by their husbands. During this time I have seen three movies where a man smacks or punches a woman in the face. I have read many news stories where women are raped or beaten.

There are wonderful organizations to help these women, but I would like to know what's being done to stop the violence in the first place. What is it in our culture that makes it OK to treat women with such disdain, disrespect and disgust? We must start speaking out against this violence and stop portraying it as a normal occurrence. Parents: teach your sons this is wrong! — Diane Barnes, Talent

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