Letters to the Editor

What’s in a name?

There was an article in the Mail Tribune about the controversy over the name of the new eatery located in Central Point and the legal challenge from a large chain of a similar name. I did a Google search, too, and came up with many names very similar to both the large chain and the new business in Central Point
I do not understand what the problem is. Be that as it may, I did visit the Central Point Hometown Cafe and am happy to report they do indeed have a very good menu there. As a matter of fact, when we visited them, they were very busy serving patrons. In an economy such as we have now it is very good to see a local business busy and thriving.

I do not care what they call it so long as the food is good, and it is! My vote would be for the owners of the Central Point cafe to simply call it “The Central Point Cafe and Grill.”

— Bill Martin, Sams Valley

New low for customer service

Having spent 15 years in the airline industry, I just can’t believe that the government had to pass a new law that says you can’t hold people hostage on a runaway for more than three hours without giving them bread and water. Has customer service declined to such a level that we now have to have the government define common sense? I guess so. According to government records, through Oct. 31, there were 864 flights with taxi times or flight diversions of three hours or more. So, now we have to have the government tell the airlines that they need to treat passengers at least as well prisoners — letting them have a toilet, water and food. Add this to charging for almost everything you essentially need to fly (a reserved seat, baggage, pillows, food — seat belts might be next), this is a new low for an industry that used to be the gold standard for customer service when I was in it. As I state in my marketing book, “a satisfied customer is your only real business asset.” Perhaps the real cause of the “Great Recession” is that most businesses have simply forgotten this completely. No wonder there is little value left in so many companies today.

— Mark Dennett, Ashland

They’ll just raise prices

Does anyone who votes to increase taxes on corporations or the rich believe that those people and corporations will pay those taxes? Get real — they will just raise their prices to offset those taxes. It’s called the cost of doing business. Then who pays the taxes? Guess!

— Al Sanders, Central Point

Pantry says thanks

Rogue Family Center Access Pantry in White City would like to extend our greatest appreciation for local donations to our pantry. We would especially like to name Little Butte Elementary and Eagle Point Middle School in Eagle Point, and White Mountain Middle School in White City.
Our pantry is very grateful for their food drives over the past couple of months. Their hard work in collecting contributed many thousands of pounds of food to our pantry, in a time of very great need. You all did a good job. Thanks!

— Sylvia Holden, manager, Rogue Family Center Access Pantry

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