Regarding Kenneth Mak's letter Dec. 13: I had to re-read to see if Mr. One-Party was still living in the United States of America. I am so grateful to our country, and continue to keep the faith. To know that his America is so different than mine is very concerning.

Out of the last 29 years, 20 of them were led by the Republican Party. Most of the Supreme Court justices have served well over 30 years. Appointed by both parties. It is a diverse court, as it should be.

No matter what party is in office, the federal government can waste money. The sword cuts both ways. Unless you live on Wall Street. When you and "a few notable exceptions" meet at the Concord Bridge to save America you will find it floating toward North Carolina; you don't mess with Mother Nature. Peace on Earth. — Ronald Cavalli, Medford

I agree about dogs in public stores. I too have complained. Recently a woman was carrying her small dog through the grocery store (Food 4 Less). Nothing was done.

I'm not talking about service dogs. Lots of times in Lowe's, there's small dogs in the cart seat. Yesterday I used the rest room at Home Depot and had to keep "shooing" a dog away as it was coming under the stall walls. Then I watched the owner let it drink from the water fountain. I have been growled at as I pass by. I'm fed up with their whining and barking.

I have three large dogs. I will bring my bull mastiff to Lowe's. Better not discriminate just because mine is large and intimidating. The only dogs I've ever been bit by in my 50-plus years were all weighing in under 5 pounds; no need to fear my 110-pound dog.

What is wrong with people today? Your dog doesn't belong in the store. If you can't leave it in the car because it's too hot or too cold (I've heard both excuses) then leave it home.

God help you and any store if I get bit. — Jeri Miranda, Yreka, Calif.

Holiday moviegoers should be prepared to see a powerful and long (three-plus minutes) advertisement for the National Guard at the Medford Cinemark theater — not your kind and helpful National Guard, but combat-ready, action-packed soldiers, glorified military, designed to entice young people into service.

The manager explained that Medford Cinemark has sold off its advertisement space and has "no control" over what is shown.

Therefore it cannot be stopped. A user unfriendly Web site does not accept complaints.

Although this ad would be offensive to many at any time because of its blatant effort to recruit the young, it seems especially abhorrent because it is certainly not in the spirit of Christ, Christianity or good will.

And just who pays for this ad? Our very own tax dollars?

Disgusted. — Myrl Bishop, Ashland

OK, Mr. President, I'm pushing. I'm pushing back.

I am one who was ravaged by a short sale after the home being on the market for two years. After various institutions had gleaned their piece of the action, I received a check for $214.82. I haven't received a bail-out compensation!

As a senior citizen, I receive Medicare Part A, which is deducted from my Social Security. I pay for Part B myself. In addition, I have supplemental insurance which is costing me, as of January, $140.65 per month. This has increased twice in the past 12 months. Why, then, am I being charged "out-of-pocket" expenses for topography, re: cataract surgery, $75 per eye, also $45 for new prescription glasses? What has happened to "Universal Health Care"?

After watching Bill Moyers' PBS program on Friday, Dec. 11, I am fired up again! Let's hear from the ordinary people on Main Street; let's get fired up after being pushed around and push back. — M. Bassett, Talent

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