I want to thank the Jackson County Planning Commission for an excellent public hearing on Dec. 10.

1. Craig Anderson gave an excellent overview of soils, zoning and developments of the sewer district.

2. People were given an opportunity to voice opinions and ask questions.

It was a very productive meeting and hopefully will lead to sewer hook-ups for several valley residents. — Marco Hansen, Phoenix

Tonight I attended "A Musical Christmas" performed at the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater. I wanted to say bravo to the young singers and the musicians.

We are so privileged to have some of the best musical talent in the Rogue Valley. I want to thank these young people and their directors for an evening in which we were provided some of the most delightful music performed to date.

You young people represent this valley with such gusto your talent certainly has been recognized and is ever so appreciated. Thank you, Teen Musical Theater of Oregon! — Jody Streetman

A boy dies and the driver who does not stop to administer aid gets 30 days in jail? Manuel Antonio-Gonzalez thought nobody would miss him if he died and I can only hope that the message to teens is that they are all important to someone.

May Manuel's family and friends know that their community feels a sliver of the grief they now carry and that he will not be forgotten. — Vanessa Houk, Ashland

Your Since You Asked columnists are usually accurate, but they have twice recently given misleading answers on presidential succession.

They correctly said that the speaker of the House of Representatives is next in line after the vice president, but they ignored the U.S. Constitution's 25th Amendment, adopted in 1967, which provides for replacement of the vice president if the position becomes vacant. That amendment was used to replace Spiro Agnew, Nixon's first vice president, who was removed because of a criminal offense. President Nixon nominated Gerald Ford, who was confirmed by both the House and Senate. Then when Ford became president upon Nixon's resignation, Ford nominated Nelson Rockefeller to be vice president. Ford and Rockefeller served until the end of Ford's term.

Because of the 25th Amendment, it is very unlikely that the line of succession from the vice president to the speaker and on down the line will ever be used again. — Mary A. Delsman, Ashland

"Teach Your Children," the Crosby, Stills and Nash song from the '70s, keeps going through my mind as I try to imagine what it must be like to be a homeless teenager. It's difficult enough to be in the teen years — but homeless? This season? This weather?

Gather the young folks in your family and reach out to these other young people who are homeless. Together go buy a jacket, a warm sweater, a gift card, socks, toiletries. Take the items to the Maslow Project at 209 W. Main St. in Medford. — Ginnie Deason, Medford

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