I can't stand it any more! I hope you are offering all these global warming letters as a joke. Or to rile up those of us with some intelligence. Please don't print any more "global warming must be a hoax because it's such a cold winter" messages.

Global warming doesn't just mean that it is universally warmer, it is indicated by more extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum. Hotter summers (remember those weeks in August?) and colder winters. The polar ice caps are melting rapidly, glaciers across the world are retreating at a record pace.

And, (just to toss a bone to the other side) even if you want to deny that global warming isn't a problem, wouldn't it be better for all of us to reduce pollution and find nonpetroleum-based forms of energy? — Nancy Shulenberger, Ashland

We see a number of climate change deniers using cold weather as proof that climate change is a hoax. They should learn there is a difference between weather and climate. Let us leave the vagaries of carbon dioxide, figures and charts and settle on a few easily observed facts:

1. Worldwide glacier melt.

2. Worldwide species retreat to higher latitudes and elevations.

3. Worldwide increase and severity of wildfires.

A few other facts on the shabby way we treat our planet:

A. Worldwide increase in number of and area covered in red tides, which are devastating to ocean life (warming could well play a part in red tides).

B. Continuing increase in the "Pacific Plastic Garbage Dump," now estimated to be the size of Texas. Also deleterious to ocean life.

C. Over-fishing of food-stuff-fish-stocks which nations are unwilling to curtail. Many stocks soon to be all but extinct.

Many deniers are well-educated. It irks me that they cannot see what I, with a 10th-grade education, can see: We pay now or we pay more later. Much more. — Jim Ross, Medford

A couple of thoughts: If those arguing for global warming are eventually proven wrong, the skeptics can laugh. If they're not, no one will.

There will come a time to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and leave behind this reminder: Keep the terrorists out of your neighborhoods or face our deadliest missiles flying in. — Frank Long, Central Point

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