We recently learned our youngest daughter and husband were going to be parents. We were delighted with the prospect of bringing our fifth grandchild into our lives. They visited with her physician for the first time on Dec. 9. Through our wonderful technology, they were able to hear the baby's heartbeat (at seven weeks) and see the sonogram of this new person. In that picture, there was a small "light" visible. I later learned that was, in fact, the baby's heart.

As I pondered the miracle of conception, I also marveled at the science of today, when you consider that new baby is no larger than a grain of rice!

Surely, I thought, this is God's way of enlightening us with the knowledge that life begins at conception.

That life is valuable at any time. That we should use our "science" to preserve life, not abort it.

Think about this. Every aborted child represents someone's brother, sister, son, daughter or grandchild. Please choose life! — Dan Hutson, Medford

I was most disturbed when I heard about the Christmas tree incident at Bellview Elementary in Ashland. The purpose of the tree was to provide a place for anyone to place gifts or food for the needy.

Only four families complained about the tree, that had no religious symbols, and the principal simply buckled and took the tree down. There was not even a vote on the matter.

I do not know what the principal was thinking, but she needs to rethink her ways of handling any further incidents.

I could not make the meeting held last Tuesday night, but I hope someone asked her why she did such a thing. I just cannot reason why she would take down the tree. It would have been my first question.

We and our elected officials need to stand up against the minority on matters where it will affect the vast majority. It was very reassuring that so many realized the absurdity and the tree was restored. Merry Christmas, everyone! — Bruce Weeks, Medford

I am offended by all the "offendedness" that is so prevalent today. The only holiday I celebrate this season is the winter solstice because I feel in tune with Mother Nature. If you choose to celebrate Christmas, New Year's Eve, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, etc., please do so, and I promise not to be offended if you wish me a wonderful "any of the above."

My wish to you is "Happy Solstice and Peace on Earth." — S. Franklin, Phoenix

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