Wow! Little David's sling must be stinging Goliath if Regence (Blue Cross-Blue Shield) I.T. manager Dan Lucas has to write a letter to the editor of the Mail Tribune. Didn't get enough time to vent on Fox News? Well, here's some facts for him as well.

Fact: Blue Cross-Blue Shield kicked so many paid-up breast cancer victims off its plan when they got sick that the state of California took BS to court!

Fact: As for Blue Cross-Blue Shield being a "nonprofit," that hardly means charitable! It means only that BS doesn't pay dividends to shareholders. It's free to extract as much blood, sweat and tears as it can from those it insures. See above.

Fact: The CEOs of the top eight health-insurance companies average $20 million a year.

I noticed he didn't mention his top management's salaries. I wonder how many of these women's lives would have been spared by even a 50 percent cut? Is that evil? You bet! But I bet they sleep like babies on mattresses stuffed with suffering people's money. That's why we need real health insurance reform now. And yes, with a choice of a public plan. — Alberto Enriquez, Medford

I was 6 years old on Sept. 11, 2001. I remember being at my grandmother's house and can still see her sitting on her bed watching the horrible news.

Mom was standing in the doorway, and I was behind her trying to see what was causing everyone to cry. None of us can recall what we did later that day, but we remember the morning of the historic terrorist attack.

Eight years later, I was having breakfast with my mother on the anniversary of 9/11. We talked about it, and while riding the bus I was thinking that something would be done at school to honor the lives lost.

I was surprised to discover that this day was no different than any other day at South Medford High School. No one, not even the teachers, mentioned anything about the horror eight years ago. Instead, the focus was on the H1N1 virus and the 1918 flu epidemic.

I wonder if it was school policy to let the day go by without mention. Maybe, since we rarely said the Pledge of Allegiance in middle school, and haven't yet in high school. This should not be! Patriotism should be part of our education! — Vienna Mathisen, 14, Medford

Great story and coverage of Cycle Oregon: thanks for all you're doing.

Just want to give a shout out to First Presbyterian Church of Phoenix.

We were busy each day of the ride preparing the lunches that the Cycle Oregon riders, staff and crew enjoyed.

Thanks to the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce for extending the invitation to help in this endeavor.

We're a small congregation seeking to make a big impact here in the Phoenix/Talent community. — The Rev. Mike Foster, First Presbyterian Church, Phoenix

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