The notion that bipartisan work on health-care reform will give us a better reform bill is utterly discredited. After months of negotiation, the number of Republicans who have worked diligently to create a new health-care system can be counted on one hand.

Instead, right-wing political operatives have organized some of the most embarrassingly empty-headed confrontations in living memory. Hot emotions are much in evidence, but any signs of rational thought or the ability to listen are rare indeed.

It's probably time to call a halt to bipartisanship as an ideal and just pass a national health-care bill based on the evidence and the testimony of the people who are working so hard to improve our health-care delivery system and control its costs.

We in Oregon know from experience that a civil discussion brings results. Let's support our legislators at the local, state and national level who have labored for years to get this enormous job done. — Nan Trout, Ashland

Every time I drive to the airport I'm amused at the entrance sign, "Medford International Airport."

Many first-time visitors flying into our city think the designation a joke. Until Medford offers nonstop service to Canada or Mexico, it's not an international airport. This isn't likely to happen soon. — Murrey A. Dumas, Medford

If this grandiose heath plan of Obama the First is so great, why is the Congress exempt from it? They get their health plan at our expense! What a bunch of freeloaders! — J.A. Robinson, Grants Pass

As a youth, I really believed the adage, "There is no fool like an old fool."

Now that I am in my 70th year on this Earth, it is apparent that the adage is even more applicable than I thought. I am now seeing dozens of old fools at the town hall meetings on health care, screeching that a government-run health program will be the end of the Earth, but they love their Medicare coverage. Seemingly, a great number of these idiots are on Medicare and don't know that Medicare is a government-run health insurance program? I would guess that a good definition of a fool is one who doesn't have a clue about the source of their health insurance.

I am way happier with Medicare than I ever was with commercial health insurance. It should be an option for more than just those of us who happen to reach the age of 65. — Richard Melville, Medford

Everybody knows what two for one is. Buy one and get the second one free. That's exactly what President Obama's health-care reform is. Cut the funding on Medicare and let a senior citizen die. The money saved can be used for an abortion to kill an unborn baby. That way you get two deaths for the price of one. Careful U.S.A., nature has a strange way of biting you on the backside. — Jerry D'Emilio, Eagle Point

I have been reading about not only Savage Rapids Dam being removed, but now the Democrats are after a grant from President Obama to also remove Gold Ray Dam.

Has anyone ever given a thought to what will happen above Savage Rapid with the squawfish from below the dam? Would it not be wise to see how far upriver they can get and destroy the salmon and steelhead gravel beds, before they remove Gold Ray Dam?

If the squawfish ever get to Lost Creek Dam, salmon fishing on the Rogue River is a thing of the past. It will mean all hatchery fish but no wild fish from Big Butte Creek or Little Butte Creek as the squawfish will own all the waters below Lost Creek Lake. — Michael Szpak, White City

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