America is a big apple pie with a cockroach chewing in the middle (middle America). Notice how strange it is to have the insurance industry, that knows nothing about the needs of the sick or a concept like the Hippocratic Oath, regulating and profiteering from our medical system.

Just as the cockroach devours pie, the insurance industry is devouring our humanity and our economy (the spending power of middle America). What the insurance industry is doing is so repugnant and bizarre that it can only be equated with "cockroach" — like using leeches to cure dysentery or electroshock to fix a broken leg.

Finally the fresh air of new ideas, rational thought and the humanity of comparison. People with heart have noticed 47 million Americans don't have insurance. Did the insurance industry notice? Why? Why? The insect mind only devours.

Save the health of the nation and the economy. Vote for a single-payer system. — Satgyano (Marie Griffith), Phoenix

I wonder why Mr. Vousden has not applied for U.S. citizenship. Has he applied and was he denied or has he never applied because he wants the fruits of someone else's labor?

He is a guest in our country and guests should never wear out their welcome. Do they get Social Security, Medicare? Wonder why some feel we have a health-care problem? He is not a victim. Watch out for someone driving without a license and not covered by insurance! — Kirby Wheeler, Central Point

Pharmaceuticals claim they're compromising. Billy Tauzin left Congress to head the PhRMA multi-million-dollar lobby group now promoting profits while pretending to take cuts, upstaging other health agencies.

Congress: Get on our side now. You spinelessly compromised away parts of Medicare Part D that resulted in:

1. Astronomically costly marketing campaigns by competing drug suppliers offering confusingly differentiated "tier" costs.

2. The deadly "donut hole" windfall driving so many needy subscribers into cutting essential meds or into bankruptcy.

3.The unconstitutional blackmail clause charging a 1 percent penalty a month accumulating forever for every month you were eligible and did not sign up.

4. A "no negotiation" rule prohibiting actions the VA uses to annually save taxpayers millions on drug costs.

In spite of the ads on TV claiming Part D was a significant break for Medicare subscribers, neither seniors nor the health-care system can afford any more phony "concessions" offered by PhRMA under the self-serving pretense of change.

This Congress needs to:

1. Extend power to negotiate drug prices like the VA.

2. Limit monopoly protection against competing generic drugs to under five years, not a greedy, price-gouging 12 years.

3. Go back and strip away Part D's shabby drug-profiteering clauses. — G.E. Myers, Jacksonville

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