Who knew she could open a dead bolt? She just turned 2.

Who knew she could open the door and go outside when she should have been sleeping? Who knew she could climb into a pool as tall as she was with no ladder? But she did.

Sadly, it takes a child's death to bring awareness and action. People are building fences, installing door alarms, filling ponds. Maybe Brooklynne's passing has saved another child. Maybe that's what angels do.

Often people are numbed by the greed, corruption and horror in the world. But some people stopped, and sent prayers and encouragement to a family they did not know.

My heroes are not overpaid athletes and celebrities. They are the elderly woman who sent $10 with no return address, responders from Fire District 3 and Mercy Flights, Rogue Valley Medical Center staff who tried to save Brooklynne and cried when they failed. They are Conger-Morris Funeral Home, Hillcrest Cemetery and the Mail Tribune, who donated time and services to a beautiful little girl.

To all who sent a prayer or a note: We, the family of Brooklynne, are thinking of you now. You are what makes a community special. Thank you for caring. — The Traina Family

I want to share an encouraging story.

My wife and I had decided to eat out and Applebee's won the bid this night. We ordered our meals and while we were waiting I could not help but hear the conversation at the next table.

The manager had come out to talk to the people sitting next to us. He stated that dinner for the family of five at the table would be taken care of by the restaurant in gratitude for the father's service in the military.

Apparently through the normal conversations of ordering the meal, the waitress understood that this was the soldier's first night back from Iraq. She mentioned this to the manager and what I witnessed was the manager's response.

Now this was not purposely done to bring attention to the restaurant; in fact, I really had to pay attention to figure out what happened. The soldier was very humble and surprised by these actions.

I myself will now support, and encourage others to support Applebee's as much as we can. We need more people and companies to support our protectors as Applebee's has. To you soldiers, thank you for your service. God bless you and your families. — Jason John, Medford

The Medford airport fired all three of their fire captains, leaving the fire protection and EMS of the terminal and all aircraft for one firefighter. He will be assisted Monday to Friday by the chief from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What a terrible way to save money, as Medford tries to act like a big city, building a fancy terminal but then gutting the fire protection behind the scenes. The recent purchase of a new crash truck which can be operated by one firefighter and meets the minimum amount of water by the FAA was the validation that the airport received for the firings.

I wonder who will lead the survivors from the wreckage if a crash occurs? At least family members will have a nice place to wait for news of their loved ones. — Michael Fazio, Grants Pass

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