I'm 65, hardly a racer, but I am in good shape and move along at a reasonable clip at times (not the fastest bike on the Greenway). What Mr. Bacon (Letters, July 12) didn't witness:

  • Coming upon a group of eight-plus blocking the pathway, I slow to a crawl.
  • I sound my horn; they refuse to make room.
  • After they acknowledged me and made room, I was assaulted by a boy who jumped in front of me and shoved me off the path.

I have experienced rudeness from folks who walk (often in groups) and stand in the middle of the pathway, who become offended when asked to make room or to move to the right.

"Wheels yield to heels," but we should all be considerate and walk and ride to the right so others using the path can pass safely. There are aggressive bicyclists, but I, like most riders, alert people I come upon and let them know I'm about to pass.

I'm the one with the fractured rib and bruises. What Mr. Bacon failed to "witness" was this was not an accident, but a deliberate attack on a person riding on the Greenway. — David Christian, Eagle Point

This is a message to both Democrats and Republicans in Washington regarding the health-care bill being pushed through in the dark of night.

When our elitist elected government representatives are willing to accept the same coverage and restrictions as the poor working public, then and only then will it be OK to sit down and discuss this change. I am not willing to pay for diminished care while the fat cats in Washington are given the blue-ribbon, most expensive care that is available.

Hey people, step up and say hell no! Call your representatives and let them know what you think. Sen. Wyden 202-224-5244, Sen. Merkley 202-224-3753, Rep. Walden 202-225-6730. — Nancy Brousseau, Central Point

Hooray for the Thursday opening of our not-so-new-not-completed massive freeway interchange in south Medford and the closing of Barnett Road for up to six months! We should celebrate this gargantuan achievement and give it a name worthy of its size. How about "Brobdingnagian Crossing" in honor of all those Gullivers who travel through. — Mary Whitmore, Phoenix

We saved South Korea. We tried to save South Vietnam. We saved Kuwait. We are saving Iraq and Afghanistan. Some day we will have to save North Korea and Iran.

Then there is the African continent. Pakistan and Mexico still need a lot of financial aid from us. We will rebuild the Gaza strip for the Palestinians.

As soon as the rest of the world is living the way we want them to, then there might be time to start saving America. — Tom Anderson, Medford

I am in deep grief for the passing of Michael Jackson and yet in great joy that Michael is now home.

In 1985, MJ came out with "We are the World." I went wild with joy. I was a single parent; life was difficult. I have always been a musician. I wrote down all the words to WATW, figured the chords on my piano (easy to do when you are a musician), rehearsed my sons and recorded our home version of WATW on a cassette. It was fun!

God sends us, from time to time, messengers, and I believe that MJ was an angel in disguise — sent to remind us to love each other, we are the world, heal the world and it doesn't matter if you're black or white. MJ was, like his namesake, the incarnation of the most awesome angel: Michael. We are so blessed to have had MJ in this world.

Stevie Wonder said, "God needs you more now." MJ: moonwalk forever! His daughter Paris Jackson tearfully said, "You are the best daddy in the world." I pray that we listen to him and listen to his message of love, because Michael was/is love. — Halima Linda Anderson, Medford

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