The Healthy Americans Act should be named the Wealthy Americans Act.

Sen. Wyden has stated that he believes everyone should have the same generous medical benefits he enjoys as a highly-paid legislator. His plan "requires every American to have coverage." This must include millions of the unemployed, under-employed, minimum-wage employed, self-employed, limited-income retirees, and uninsured small business owners with their uninsured employees. How can they afford it? Only a "public option" will do it. — Gail Beason, Talent

My first impression of the new art installation? The artist perfectly depicted Medford and Southern Oregon: a burnt, hollowed-out shell of the former glorious and robust timber industry. I get it. I just hope the artist isn't prophetic as well. — Laura Burns, Medford

1. Taxing entities' or authorities' bulging budgets and a long list of property foreclosures are published in our local paper regularly. Government regulations and laws have not changed. Many regulations and laws are the cause of foreclosures and bankruptcies.

2. Government's newly created jobs are temporary. What will sustain our society when temporary jobs end? Where are the real jobs?

3. Check the country of origin, including old-time brand names, of all products you buy, for product origin and the origin of parts used to make the product; this is not an easy task. If you elect to buy only products made in USA, be prepared to: Live naked. Walk to your desired destination. Live without all electronics. Live on a low-food diet. Live without electricity. The list of things you would live without goes on and on. Be prepared to live without almost everything you have.

4. Look up your family's total indebtedness, write it down and then add it up. Include your mortgage, all loans, your share of federal, state and local debt, school bonds, city and country bond measure. You, your children and their children will probably never be able to pay your debt. — Charles Olsen, Central Point

Thank you Dave Hart and all involved in choosing the "Coffee Pot" as this year's picture logo. Our father, Carl Wiltermood, established the Coffee Pot, the first drive-in, in 1936 and our mother, Zada, was one of his first carhops. They ran several local restaurants in Medford, including Jack's Drive Up, The Clock and Carl's Corner.

Dad passed away in 1991 and we lost Mom this last October. They both would have been thrilled in seeing the Coffee Pot chosen for your 2009 Medford Cruise as we, their daughters, are.

Thank you for honoring Medford's first drive-in this year. — Sandra Quitt, Karlene Holt and families, Medford

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