Grants Pass has beautiful sculptures on their bridge and cute bears throughout town. Medford also has some nice art on Central Avenue. I then read the article in this paper and my husband had to drive by the newest "art" on display at the Justice Building and City Hall.

The red fish sculpture is ugly beyond belief. Why weren't the fish at least painted to resemble real salmon? We then viewed the three columns in front of City Hall. My husband commented that they looked like the art our grandson makes when he plays with aluminum foil.

We find it appalling that these projects were funded during a recession. Who is responsible for approving these sculptures without public approval? — Jim and Donna Kincaid, Phoenix

I would like to let other folks know that our city crime is getting worse and that we need to watch out for each other.

On June 20 between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. all of my sons and new daughter-in-law's wedding gifts were stolen from a family car that was at the Hampton Inn on Morrow Road behind Dairy Queen. If anyone has any information that could help us catch the low-life that stole from a new bride and groom, please contact me by e-mail, patsusie7@msn.com. Every envelope, card and gift were taken. They broke out the window, and there were many gifts, so it had to have taken quite a while. Thank you for any help, we will keep you anonymous. — Susie White, Medford

I was repulsed by the ambiance at the Britt Festival last weekend. The alcohol and drug use was way out of control.

Is this what the Britt is about now? Woodstock 2009? I took two teenage boys to see what we thought would be an entertaining show, but the pot and booze floating around the venue became the "feature presentation." I seriously believe the Britt committee needs to get control of their operations, or post warnings not to bring your kids due to excessive drug and alcohol use. I personally have no desire to return to Britt for any reason from here forward. — J. Spencer, Medford

Many of your readers say that Cheney kept us safe. Well, let's take a peek.

Cheney had five deferments in the '60s to serve in the military. His reason for not going in the service was "he had better things to do." In August 2001 the Cheney administration had credible intelligence that bin Laden was "determined to hit the USA.". Nothing was done. The intelligence was from the Clinton administration, so it was discounted. Cheney, by his own admission, said that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Therefore, he lied about the reason for going to war with Iraq. Lastly, he outed a CIA agent. That is treason!

Yep, folks, Cheney really kept us safe, if we were in La-La Land. — Lindsay Paulk, White City

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