How refreshing to see common sense, clarity and truth in the editorial pages of the Mail Tribune. Thanks to Lee Topham for his excellent guest opinion.

Topham's key points bear repeating. The recent tax increase from the Legislature will be devastating to Oregon. Talk of "budget cuts" from Salem is a joke, since Kulongoski and the Democrats are completely beholden to the public employee unions. Oregon does have the highest income tax in America, and soon the highest unemployment.

The sad fact is that sleepy Ted and his ilk have created the most hostile environment imaginable for business and economic growth. Lower taxes, not higher, drive growth and overall tax revenues. This has been proven time and again, by no less that the great one — Ronald Reagan. Ted, Obama and the Dems continue to insist on failed ideas and policies that will take us down the road to debt, higher taxes, inflation and economic malaise. It's a road to ruin.

The lights are dimming in Oregon. We must elect leaders who will govern in a fiscally and ethically responsible way, and we need to do it soon. — David Spear, Medford

I am astonished at the willingness of your newspaper to destroy a citizen's good reputation on the basis of unproved — in fact, uncharged — allegations.

You have now printed three somewhat redundant articles about the "non-charges" against James Auchincloss, and I wonder if it's the name recognition of the accused or the titillation value of the accusations that inspires all of this interest on your part. I also wonder whether Mr. Auchincloss' vindication would warrant the same enthusiastic reporting. — Phyllis Douglas, Talent

There appears to be an unbalanced effort within the City Council to approve the proposed Walmart at the south interchange, sans a traffic study.

It's not rocket science to see that such a development would greatly increase traffic in this area, and that new road improvements may be required to accommodate the increase. Councilman Bob Strosser is clearly correct in asking why "the city doesn't have some way in its development codes to insist that a new traffic study be done if enough time has passed on a project, or if the project would impact the development the city already has." — Robert Ogle, Medford

I was sorry to see that the Jackson County Genealogy Library at 95 Houston Road in Phoenix was left out of the inset in the Tempo naming all the Jackson County Libraries.

Our library is open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday giving patrons access to a valuable book collection as well as computer access to genealogy subscription Web sites. We are the largest research library for genealogy between Portland and Sacramento and sponsored by the Rogue Valley Genealogical Society. It's worth your trip! — A. Patterson, Medford

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