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Section 8 of the Oregon Constitution requires that the Legislature provide adequate funding for public education.

Adequate funding does not mean cutting school days to four days a week. It does not mean increasing class sizes to 40 or more students. Constituents should call their representatives, especially Dennis Richardson. Call them to account for their irresponsible and illegal ignoring of the state Constitution. "Living within our means" legally will require tax increases or a sales tax. — Don Stone, Ashland

Part-time resident Carl Worden (June 11) addresses Mail Tribune readers insultingly as "you people" and indulges in hyperbolic hyperventilation while making the generalization that our young people in the Rogue Valley graduate without knowing how to read, write or speak effectively.

Surely, Mr. Worden must be in residence at Cupertino on the days the Mail Tribune publishes the names of scores of students who have made the honor roll at our local schools or the dean's list at various schools throughout the nation. He does us a dishonor with his generalizations. Is he really blaming music for property values going down?

Music is not just an elective. It incorporates math, history, reading, and writing, and it adds value to every community. Yes, even property values.

Kudos to our Medford schools for finding a way to keep it. — J.T. Harkness, Jacksonville

My husband, diagnosed with terminal cancer, explored the possibility of choosing his time to die utilizing Oregon's Death With Dignity Act.

Having been through his difficult decline, I too wanted to know it could be there for me should I ever need it. Sadly, I was told there are no doctors in this valley who would serve as the attending physician required to prescribe the end-of-life medication. Furthermore, I was told there was only one physician in Eugene who would prescribe the medication.

The Oregon Death With Dignity Act was adopted by the voters in 1994. It offers patients with a terminal illness a way to end one's life in a "humane and dignified manner." However, this is not possible if it isn't even available.

Of course I am fully aware of the options such as hospice, and I appreciate all that they do. Still, there are those of us who would like to know there's an alternative. I'm wondering why so few physicians participate in this humane procedure. — J.R. Hunts, Medford

Well done, Bill Miller ("The ambush of Martin Angel," June 14).

Angel got what he deserved. — David Braje, Medford

I really don't understand Ashland. In most cities in the country, if you expose yourself in the presence of minor children, you would be arrested and charged with a sex crime. If convicted, you would be registered as a sex offender. In Ashland, you are applauded. Very strange. — Thomas Allen, Medford

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