When did Shady Cove secede from the United States of America?

In the U.S.A. I know and love, the rule of the "people" is the law. If this is still the U.S.A., someone needs to tell the "outgoing" board of directors of the Shady Cove Water District to cease and desist. The "people" voted to disband in 2002, and now again, by voting in new board members whose platform is to dissolve this enigma.

Who do the board members and "manager" think they are that they continue to go against the majority of the citizens of Shady Cove? Get a clue, the citizens don't want you! Let it go and find something constructive to help Shady Cove.

The SCWD controversy is now bordering on the insane and anarchy. Shady Cove would be an awesomely wonderful place if this group of antagonists would stop with their false and futile finger pointing and ridiculous threats of lawsuits.

Frankly, the out-going board should be embarrassed by the low percentages of votes in the May 19 election. I, for one, am sick of it and am determined to do everything in my power to put a stop to their tyranny. — Winnie Nichols, Shady Cove

I guess I'm just a Pollyanna, but I don't understand how the people of Shady Cove keep shooting themselves in the foot.

The same 400-plus people out of 2,000 registered voters decided we don't need water. Private water companies are not bringing water for the rest of us. But they do illegally pump ground water that supplies surrounding private wells.

I was at the City Council meeting May 21, and the room was full of people applauding an individual who illegally purchased property that should have been put up for public bid. Our city helped him, all the while making it appear he was doing us a favor. How do people like that sleep at night?

We have a machine here in Shady Cove that the mafia would be jealous of. Our city is full of self-serving individuals that are influential and obviously persuasive. Wake up! They're stealing from us.

The longer we wait for public water, the more it's going to cost. People in Shady Cove are penny wise and pound foolish.

These individuals fight us because they'll have to abandon their investments in their own private companies if public water becomes available. — Judy Shanrock, Shady Cove

I loved seeing the Pacific Salamander art from the Skyline Plaza building, overlooking the Cellular One Athletic complex, when it was created and then reading about it in last Saturday's Mail Tribune.

However, for all the effort that went into such a beautiful collaborative creation, that giant piece of art has been driven upon and parked upon by vehicles of all sizes, including large RVs, every day since Saturday. It's a shame that a "Keep Off the Art" sign was not posted at the entrance of the overflow parking lot.

Maybe it can be coned off in order to direct the flow of traffic around "the big brown guy." — Janet Scott, Medford

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