When he ran for the Medford School Board, Curt Ankerberg said he would end the "dismal academic performance by (Medford's) students."

Quite to the contrary, I know for a fact that my class is the largest graduating class ever beheld by the Medford School District. We have 17 valedictorians in my class, and I'm not talking about kids who took P.E. classes to augment their grade-point averages.

All of our valedictorians lead our class in the most advanced courses our high school offers, including AP physics, calculus, literature, biology, European history, etc. If they are taking college-level classes and attaining 4.0 GPAs, we must be doing something right.

In addition, one of my dear friends has a full-ride scholarship to Stanford this fall, and many other students are headed for college in-state as well. Don't believe for a second it's because they're any less talented or intelligent than she; most are going on partial or full-ride scholarships they've earned through academic, athletic, musical or theatrical prowess.

You see, as a student within this district, I assure Mr. Ankerberg that our performance is anything but "dismal." I would encourage him to do some research in order to get his facts correct. — Kate Jones, South Medford High School

Sen. Ron Wyden has taken large donations from Aetna and other health industry entities and people. He should not be relied on for a true reform of the industry as he has sold out on reform.

I have worked in the health insurance industry in this country for 20 years, and I also received health care and coverage under the French system for a year. Our system is vastly inferior to the French health system.

The United Nations rated America's health-care system the 37th best system in the world and France was rated No. 1. It is unconscionable that we have poor quality and high cost.

We have one medical bankruptcy per minute in America and we lose one baby every hour due to our embarrassingly high infant mortality. — Mark Soderstrom, Phoenix

There was a meeting at the Santo Center recently to show the folks in west Medford how the city was planning to change the streets and sidewalks in the near future.

I have never been so impressed with the outpouring of rejection for the current projection.

It is so wonderful to see everyday homeowners' objections to almost all of the plans that were presented and the vocal comments that were expressed. It will be interesting to see how these objections are presented to the Medford Planning Commission and City Council.

I know there was absolutely no one at the meeting who agreed with the Planning Department's advice. I mean, who wants to have their property value decreased and roads taking out our homes in these times of current despair that are on us?

I hope that all of these so-called plans are totally rejected. The homeowners have spoken. — Harry Hershey, Medford

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