Commendations to The Daily Astorian (Other Views, May 23) for advocating support for displaced lumber and mill workers, ensuring that fellow citizens avoid hardships caused by the irrationalities and drastic failures of our present economic system. Some might label their proposal "socialist" and prefer to see many lives ruined and communities destroyed. We need a national support system for all our workers; they are more deserving than incompetents and frauds on Wall Street. — Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland

I want to give a special thank-you to Leena and Bob Hannikainen for their efforts in making the Third Friday Medford Art Walk a success. They have opened it up for individuals of all diversities and talents to display their masterpieces for the whole community to enjoy.

Unfortunately there is a small portion of our community who feel that these artists are not up to the caliber our community will accept. I encourage our community to come out publicly to say that we do not agree and let this faction know we enjoy talents from all diversities not just an elite. — Robin Thayer-Harvey, Medford

The Mail Tribune published a commentary by Gregory Rodriguez on May 18 regarding Hispanic voters. Mr. Rodriguez said, "For all their insistence that race has nothing to do with their stance on immigration, the right's nativist activists do spew an awful lot of nasty remarks."

He then stated, "There is no longer a strong Republican voice that mitigates or mutes the harsh racism of the far right." Mr. Rodriguez left out the word many persons object to — illegal. The folks I know do not object to immigrants, they object to illegal immigrants.

Our liberal politicians seem to want to make illegal immigrants citizens for their vote. It appears to me the left accuses anyone who does not accept their politically correct version of the way they want things to be as being racist, homophobic or whatever phobia is handy. They believe in free speech as long as the person they are listening to says what they want to hear.

An example — the turmoil caused by Miss California expressing her opinion that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Golly — isn't it horrible she expressed her opinion based on her Christian faith? Heaven forbid. — Jim Chambers, Medford

How ironic our president and his followers are outraged by the fact that three guilty terrorists were waterboarded to save American lives, calling that illegal torture while at the same time approving and funding with taxpayer dollars the killing of over 1 million innocent Americans a year, using either chemical poisoning, dismemberment or scissors inserted into the back of their skulls and calling that legal choice. Perhaps instead of using illegal torture on terrorists, we should use legal choice. — Larry Cogdell, Medford

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