I can't believe that the public's money goes toward having cameras set up for 12 hours every day to see the construction of the new South Medford High School.If the economy is so bad, like everyone says, then you would think they could come up with something more useful to use this money on. It's not really that difficult to take five seconds out of your day to drive by and see how construction is doing. It's a shame to see taxpayers' dollars go toward something that's useless. — K. Mesa, Medford

I'm a 2007 graduate of South Medford High School, and I must say I'm very disappointed in my old school after reading about students who weren't allowed to take part in a day against anti-gay bullying.

Honestly, I'm getting quite sick of people who are against gays. They are just like anybody else. I'm sick of people treating them otherwise. I have quite a few gay friends, and I'm very proud of it. It's sickening that the school I used to roam in won't treat everybody equally.

I'm sure if the jocks or cheerleaders wanted a day to celebrate or to hang up a few posters they would get plenty signs of approval. Come on, Panthers. Get your act together. — Sarah Treskin, Jacksonville

Tax breaks for certain business enterprises in Oregon may or may not be a sound budget idea. Certainly it is enticing to contemplate the potential added treasures for the state's coffers if one were to do away with what may have been business enrichment incentives.

I haven't read the tax break measures in question. Nor, perhaps, have the majority of the members of the Oregon Legislature. I will guarantee that few, if any, have read either "The Way the World Works" or "The End of Prosperity" by Jude Wanniski and Arthur Laffer, et. al., respectively. House members: read these books first, then read the measures you wish to vote on. Both books are quick reads written by expert economists.

It is always easier to ask for more money than to humble oneself into surviving on less. It is nonetheless very embarrassing to read that Oregon House members are voting party lines on measures that may be somewhat critical to our economic regrowth. These representatives were elected by us to vote informed, not to be party hacks. Vote for or against a certain measure, but please stop trying to emulate the day-to-day voting procedures established by our congressional representatives. — Robert Duncan, Medford

Doug Huston's recent letter regarding OnTrack referenced concerned East Medford residents as "small-minded," of "narrow self-interest" and possessing a "not-in-my-backyard mentality."

It's most interesting that Mr. Huston lives in Ashland. Medford already has several OnTrack locations, including rehab and living facilities. I believe Ashland has only an administrative office. — S. Davey, Medford

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