Protesters are the foundation of our democratic heritage. The failure of protesters to examine history to learn what is true and what is false is also part of our historical baggage.

Jim Ross of Medford was clear in his statement that "Clear thinking, sound analysis and reliance on facts would better lead them (Republicans) to the promised land." You, the tea drinking, responsible voters need to consider how this financial mess was created. We just ended eight years of a flawed presidency in which many billions of our precious dollars were poured into what the majority of Americans believe was an unnecessary war.

I thank the majority of American citizens who are supporting an "Obama Doctrine" that is, among other things, focused on trying to solve a complex problem that took many years to create. At the next "tea party" try herbal tea, and join the positive forces of "change." — Marvin Rosenberg, Jacksonville

That was a cute political cartoon Tuesday making the point that all the tea party protesters were idiots because they had just received a tax break. The obvious response is that maybe the protesters are smart enough to know that sooner or later tax dollars are going to have to make good on the $1.6 trillion of funny money just issued by the administration.

More to the point is the awesome ignorance displayed by the cartoonist, who clearly has no clue what the protests were all about. As the Boston Tea Party was triggered by taxation, still the protest was about abuses of the crown delineated in the Declaration of Independence. Over three-quarters of those grievances had to do with lack of representation.

When it came to the bailouts, the stimulus package and the current budget, our so-called representatives completely ignored the demands of their constituents to stop the madness. That is a failure of representation and that is what the protests were all about. — Jack H. Swift, chapter coordinator, Josephine County Americans for Prosperity, Grants Pass

I'm very confused. Recently I read an article about pay raises for county officials.

But what I do not understand is how this is justified when the county has cut spending for human services, drug and alcohol treatment and libraries. In this economy, when many of us are trying to hold on and forgoing increases ourselves, how can pay raises for officials in county employment be justified? I am not saying that they do not deserve raises; I am saying shouldn't we first help the people around us who need help the most? A caring community leads to a healthy community. — Phillip Mason, Medford

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