We heartily applaud Paul Greenberg's commentary "Hail Britannia ..." (April 17). It is in appropriately sharp contrast to the obsequious tone of President Obama's speech in Strasbourg, France (April 3).

As Greenberg points out, what greater insult to the greatest ally America has ever had, than for Obama to remove the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, received shortly after Sept. 11, and return it unceremoniously to the British Embassy!

Add to this the cold reception given to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the explanation given by our State Department official to the London's Sunday Telegraph for the lack of welcome: "There's nothing special about Britain. You're just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn't expect special treatment."

What a slap in the face to those British soldiers fighting alongside our U.S. troops against the latest threat to Western civilization.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Paul Greenberg's excellent editorial comment reflects his ability to see beyond our administration's limited political posturing to a future when Britain's friendship will be sorely missed. — R. Abler, Medford

Doug Huston of Ashland finds reprehensible the stand east Medford is taking regarding the OnTrack development.

Then please, he should offer up his property and/or neighborhood. Put them in with his children and family.

It's always so easy to sound righteous and "holier than thou" when it has absolutely no effect on you. He should stay in Ashland and keep out of the affairs of east Medford. — P. Moran, Medford

Regarding George Sexton's guest opinion on off-road vehicles. Sexton is nibbling around the edges of the issue.

If our various governments are intent on reducing global warming, why ever is a federal land management agency promoting and subsidizing petroleum-based recreation of any kind — land, air or sea? — Nancy Ames, Siskiyou Pass

The governor's recommended 2009-2011 budget is now making its way to the Senate.

In his budget he cuts funding for Oregon Project Independence, a program for seniors and the disabled with incomes below $1,133/month. With a little assistance they are able to stay in their homes at a cost of $250/month, paid by the state.

Not only is this cost-effective, as care facilities paid by the state average $5,500/month, but it is a wonderful way to treat our seniors who would prefer to spend their remaining days in their own homes.

Please contact Ways & Means co-chairs, Sen. Margaret Carter, Rep. Peter Buckley, Senate Pres. Courtney, and Speaker Hunt and urge them to keep this program at its current level of funding. Our seniors and disabled deserve this.

Call or e-mail: rep.davehunt@state.or.us, 503-986-1900; sen.margaretcarter@state.or.us, 503 986-1445; rep.peterbuckley@state.or.us; sen.petercourtney@state.or.us, 503 985-1600. — Shelley Lopez, Grants Pass

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