Regarding County Commissioners C.W. Smith and Jack Walker's recent and controversial pay raise, I suggest a compromise that will benefit all involved.

What if they take the raises, but donate most or all of it to a food bank serving local needy families? That would directly help the citizens the commissioners serve, set a good example for the entire community to follow, and the commissioners would benefit from the tax deduction and the positive publicity. — Robert Casserly, Ashland

After mass-marketing accident disability insurance for nearly 35 years, I can confidently state that anyone who drives a motorcycle or willingly rides on one as a passenger has a reasonable expectation they can be seriously injured or killed if the motorcycle goes down. Of all my policyholder accidental deaths, 96 percent of them were motorcycle-related, and the most serious injuries invariably involved motorcycles and ATVs.

District Attorney Mark Huddleston chose to criminally prosecute Michael Barrie for manslaughter in the 2005 accidental death of his motorcycle passenger, Nichole Pech. Had Barrie been named Orf or Atkinson, I doubt the matter would have been criminally prosecuted at all, but Huddleston is known for criminally prosecuting "little" people for accidents when there isn't a scintilla of evidence to suggest criminal intent, and that doesn't accomplish a thing.

Riding a motorcycle carries excess risks that are not present when driving an automobile, and hitting an opossum with a motorcycle — at any speed — might have resulted in Miss Pech's untimely death.

No criminal prosecution or law has ever prevented people from being inattentive or stupid at the worst possible time. That is why we call them accidents — and not crimes.

Get it, Mr. Huddleston? — Carl F. Worden, Eagle Point

In response to "The best of the best" (April 20), I am trying to figure out the writer's reasoning for his statement. If President Obama and the first lady are successful, will that also be our fault? He should get a grip. I really think the Obamas will succeed or fail on their own and just because we don't all agree with everything he does won't change that.

I believe we are all entitled to our own opinions and I realize some of you only believe we are entitled to your opinion. — Joyce Lyon, Medford

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