Currently in Oregon there are students who are denied the opportunity of higher education. There are students who have graduated from Oregon high schools and who are forced to pay out-of-state tuition.

With the current economic situation, the thought of paying out-of-state tuition, which can be as much as three times more than in-state, is not an option for many of these students. So, they simply do not go to college.

Oregon is losing the opportunity to educate our youth because we are pricing bright young students out of an education.

Luckily, there is a solution to this injustice. It is Oregon's House Bill 2939, affectionately known as tuition equity. This bill will allow students who have attended an Oregon high school for three or more years, graduated from an Oregon high school, been accepted into an Oregon university and are working toward Oregon residency to pay in-state tuition rates.

Tuition equity allows Oregon students access to higher education which, in these economic times, is more of a necessity than ever before. Education is not a privilege; it is a right that every Oregon student deserves.

Let's make that happen! Let's pass HB 2939 and get Oregon back on track. — Taylor M. York, vice president, Associated Students of Southern Oregon University, Ashland

VA's Voluntary Service is the largest volunteer program in the federal government. Men and women from their teens to their 90s become volunteer partners in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The National Volunteer Week theme, "Celebrating People in Action," truly exemplifies the energy, compassion and commitment of VA's volunteers. Some bring special skills and knowledge, while others have a desire to explore and learn. Many come with a gift for working with patients, while others bring dependability.

At the VA Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics in White City, we currently have 483 regularly scheduled volunteers. In 2008, volunteers provided nearly 77,000 hours of service. This equates to 36.8 full-time employees, which saved the VA approximately $1.5 million.

VA volunteers perform a variety of duties, ranging from traditional ones, such as escorting patients and administrative duties, to creative activities, such as teaching arts, music and crafts. As VA has expanded its care of patients into the community, volunteers now assist staff in hospice programs, outpatient clinics, home-based primary care and outreach centers.

Join us in celebrating National Volunteer Week, April 19-25, and call our Voluntary Service office at 830-7467 to schedule a visit and become a volunteer at the SORCC. — Max McIntosh, director, SORCC


Meeting canceled

A letter to the editor in Sunday's paper referred to an April 26 town hall meeting about the Bear Creek Greenway pedestrian bridge. The meeting has been canceled.

Wrong Greenway

The headline on a guest opinion about the Rogue River Greenway in Sunday's paper incorrectly referred to the Bear Creek Greenway.

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