In reading the recent story about Asante's home health nurses trying to stop the sale of their agency, one is left with the impression that, if sold, home health services would no longer be available in Southern Oregon. That is not the case.

Local citizens can be assured that access to high-quality, hospital-based home health services currently exists and will continue to be available regardless of the outcome for Asante's home health agency.

Providence Home Care is the largest provider of in-home health services in Jackson County. It is nationally listed as a Home Care Elite 2008 agency — a compilation of the most successful Medicare-certified home care providers in the U.S. for its excellence in quality, improvement and financial performance.

And Providence Home Care is committed to improving upon our performance. We feel it's a privilege to visit patients in their home, and honor that trust by delivering exceptional, compassionate care. — Lorry Boone, Providence Home Health director

The current furor over the proposed OnTrack project in East Medford is a marvelous example of small-mindedness.

Some citizens' version of democracy is to shout longest and loudest against the thing that is not in their narrow self-interest. The inevitable crowd emerges chanting "Not In My Backyard!" and attacking something creative, different, and helpful.

This is very different than stepping up to assume responsibility and support for a project attempting to solve a social problem that plagues the very society we are part of. Too bad there isn't a group of east Medford citizens who banded together to support this innovative approach that serves multiple populations: Children in on-site day care, community members in recovery, and seniors — all in low-income housing.

Certainly there are many neighbors not supportive of SEMCO. But its hard to go up against the mob mentality.

Diminished property values are most likely to occur (if at all) when the neighbors themselves instigate and succumb to the fearmongering. As it unfolds they will throw the kitchen sink at the project: parking, traffic, child safety, crime, contaminate the schools, technicalities and regulations, blah, blah, blah.

No helping hand here, just a kick in the rear. — Doug Huston, Ashland

Last year, a Democrat complained to me that "George Bush spends too much money." Today that same Democrat is silent.

This and countless similar experiences over the last half century might tempt me to think that Democrats invented hypocrisy, but I don't believe that they did.

They're just its poster children. — Ron Smith, Medford

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