On Monday, I attended the House Education Committee hearing on House Bill 2939, tuition equity, in Salem. There were 64 of us inside the hearing room and nearly 30 more crowded around the overflow TVs just outside. We heard senators, university presidents, students and those directly affected by tuition equity explain why it is important for Oregon to do the right thing and join the 10 other states that already have this legislation.

I attended because I know that HB 2939 is a great thing for Oregon, for my university and for students. It is unacceptable that so many of my peers can't continue on to college with me because they get charged out-of-state tuition even though they have been raised in Oregon, have gone to school in Oregon, and graduated from an Oregon high school. We are essentially wasting all the resources we have put into these students' K-12 education.

As a young person staring down the pike of a fiscal crisis, I know that we need to educate as many Oregonians as possible to get our state back on track. By increasing access to higher education in Oregon, the passing of tuition equity will help us accomplish this. — Nicole M. Jolly, director of Multicultural Affairs Associated Students of Southern Oregon University, Ashland

We have funded the pretty but useless, toothless Blue helmets for lo these many years, so why can't they now be used to clean up Somalia ?

This is a lawless place, ungoverned by any recognized civilized standards, so let's use the Clint Eastwood approach and just clean up the place. There's no government to play any "touchy-feely" diplomacy with, so go in, a la Entebbe, and just clean the place up.

The Israelis can show us how, as can our Marine Recon people, or Delta Forces, or, obviously, the Navy SEALs. This may be a draconian over-simplification, but it would make a hell of movie! — Lee Carrau, Ashland

You have seen the worst of the worst, and now you are seeing the best of the best.

If President Obama and the first lady fail, it will be because of you, not them. — J.C. Mequish, Medford

Just wanted to say — a very fair article on the tax day tea party from Damian Mann. — Bill Meyer, Jacksonville

Thursday's Mail Tribune front page story on the rally against government spending and especially the comment by Bob Bergquist reminds me of a cruise my wife and I took in December to the island of the Dominican Republic.

While on a bus tour around the island, the tour guide told us that there is only one dangerous animal on the island. "They are called politicians." — Walter Petitt, Eagle Point

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