There is always a ribbon around the present.

The stimulus check has responsibilities attached to it. Accepting the money means accepting the responsibilities.

The Rogue Valley Transportation District has received a stimulus check; these funds cannot be used to extend services. RVTD cannot use it to reinstate Route 4.

These funds must be used for repairs on facilities or capital projects. The area including Route 4 is in the future plans for RVTD, when it is financially responsible. — Joshua J. Crews, Medford

"For the children" is a phrase I do not want to hear any politician, political campaign, initiative or referendum use for increasing taxes ever again.

How much money has been given to "schools" by you and me, the taxpayers? Children are not receiving a better education. The money does not flow to the classroom. We get more bureaucracy, with money flowing to unions, which flows to political campaigns, asking for more money "for the children."

Health care for children — have you noticed that the qualifying age of children keeps getting higher for these programs? Meanwhile, government programs advertise for more people to use the tax dollars extracted from us.

Most of us have seen our net worth of IRAs and 401(k)s halved and watch Salem/D.C. spend our money on pork programs creating more government/union jobs to secure their re-election. Costs are no longer billions, but trillions in debt and debt servicing, falling on our children and their progeny in which we have been "investing."

The debt of today's newborn is greater than the cost of educating the child for 16 years — most of which was acquired in the past two months. That's all right, we'll just print up more money ... "for the children." — Lyn Horstemeier, Jacksonville

I'm receiving mail again from Publisher's Clearing House.

One letter guarantees a winner in the Eagle Point area. Another letter has stated that the winner will be someone with my first name.

They've included their driving directions for delivery. Unfortunately, my home isn't on Brownsboro Highway. Maybe they will check when they stop at the flower shop for the dozen roses. At age 90, I could help a lot of people with the million they've mentioned.

Relaxed and waiting! — Opal Hodgen, Eagle Point

My granddaughter would be 22 years old on April 3 if she had not been killed by a drunk driver.

Happy birthday, Leah. — Jay Therien, Phoenix

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