Small farms don't cause disease or spread it. It's big factory farms that do damage to our food supply.

The idea of microchipping farm animals is ridiculous, especially if you exempt the factory farms. It could be useful to see how far and wide products from the animals from a given factory farm are spread, thus requiring microchipping. But a farm with only two cows to sell isn't going to spread products very far, hence no need for microchipping. — Donald Black, Talent

Alan Bates received a traffic citation for running a red light at Biddle and McAndrews. Senator Bates is now co-sponsoring a bill to get rid of the camera.

What's up, doc? I thought the office of a legislator was supposed to be used to benefit the voters, not to conduct a personal vendetta against the city of Medford. — Charlie Callan, Eagle Point

Though I'm not a member of their party, I'm impressed by the House Republicans for their solid "no" vote on the stimulus bill.

They saw this vote as an opportunity to stand for fiscal responsibility and give future generations a chance to survive. The Democrats saw another chance to suck up to labor unions and criminal groups like ACORN.

When the stimulus bill fails to stimulate, it'll be difficult for the Democrats to shuck the blame onto somebody else. — Ron Smith, Medford

When can we expect to see any indication this administration is "new," delivering the "hope" and "change" they swore for 18 months would be forthcoming from day one?

Obama has claimed he will close Gitmo (we'll see); bring the troops home from Iraq (not in 12 months but in 20 months and then only partially); end all earmarks in the budget (except for the 9,000 in the current one). Apparently campaign promises are meant to be broken.

I, personally, think closing Gitmo will just return Taliban leaders to their previous positions. There will be 50,000 troops left in Iraq and the build up in Afghanistan is just beginning.

Who thinks that the additional troop numbers will remain at 17,000? Where is the outrage and cries for ending the war? Will the "ladies in black" remain picketing until Afghanistan is over?

As for the earmarks, that's a joke! If they really wanted to remove any remaining Bush items, the $410 million earmark-heavy budget would have been vetoed or drastically cut of earmarks.

Last year's business? Give me a break. It's this year's money. — P. Moran, Medford

After six months of "bailouts," with no positive effect on the increasing foreclosures, growing unemployment or loans to small businesses, it is time for a new strategy.

I am calling for a nationwide taxpayer revolt. We can no longer afford to allow Wall Street guys to handle this situation.

For that matter, we can no longer afford to pay for killing innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. We need every one of these wasted dollars to repair our economy and to seriously address global climate change. — Kayla Starr, Ashland

I am very angry with an insensitive driver who hit a small dog, then drove off. I can't imagine running over a dog and not noticing it. In my opinion, this driver should be cited for hit and run, as if they had hit a human.

This accident took place at the corner of Beall Lane and Connell Avenue in Central Point around 6 p.m. Thursday, March 12. If anyone can provide an identity of the vehicle and/or driver, I know the dog's owner would appreciate this information. Person or persons with information can reply to my e-mail address: msi4mfr@charter.net.

I think that voters and dog owners should come together on this and get legislation passed, if it's not on the books yet. If the driver is reading this, shame, shame on you! — Rich Davidson, Central Point

Friday morning I read the Associated Press article stating physical education is nonessential for students.

Far from it! In this day and age we live in with all the distractions (TV, video games, junk food, busy parents and all), away from an active world as we used to know, this would be a big mistake!

I am a retired elementary school teacher with well over 30 years' experience. I can remember teaching several years classes of 42 students from all nationalities (many were bilingual).

True, class size dropped later to the mid-30s, but if modern day teachers are really dedicated, they surely can step up and teach P.E. Thousands of us taught our own physical education to our classes or team taught each other's classes. (That was more than 100 minutes weekly.)

Again, I say this would be a big mistake dropping physical education. Forget hiring gym teachers! Teachers, get out there and teach your own P.E.!

I truly agree with the coach in the article. We should worry not only about the state of physical education but physical condition of our children. — Sam La Masa, Grants Pass

I read the last sawmill in our area is being cut up for scrap, likely heading to China or Japan to be made into junk.

I can't help but think how much environmentalists have helped. Thousands of living-wage jobs are lost, closed libraries and how bad our infrastructure has become because of the lost O&C funds.

It is not just the wood industry losing, we all are. The fishing in rivers and campground closures is the worst I have seen. The garbage being dumped because there is no one in the woods to help protect the forests. Now they tell us the barred owl is the cause of the spotted owl decline, not logging.

Thanks again to the environmentalists, we have huge tracts of land that no one but the young can enjoy because we are disabled or too infirm to hike into these areas. Giant box stores and shopping malls to work in for minimum wage built where the mill was where a person could make a good living and raise a family.

I am glad I will not be here in 20 years to see how much better things are. Thanks again for all your help! — Pete Updike, Medford

With financial fraud seemingly everywhere these days, people should keep some thoughts in mind when dealing with investment advisers.

First, can your adviser clearly explain how a potential investment works in a couple of minutes? Second, can they tell you, clearly, how that fits with your objectives? Finally, do they explain the risks (and every investment has some risk) and costs)?

The media right now are shouting about "advisers" that convinced investors to "trust" them. Would you buy a house from someone who wouldn't show it to you and wouldn't tell you where it was — in short, just trust them and give them several hundred thousand dollars?

Probably not, so why do that with your investments? Use common sense and ask some questions. Most advisers are honest and ethical, but it only takes one bad apple to spoil your retirement. — Michael S. Harris, retired financial planner, Medford

Why can't the sea lions have 4 percent of the salmon run? That is not very much.

I cannot believe things have gotten so bad that we must compete with wildlife for nourishment! Sirs, the sea lions are not affecting "your" salmon run; it's the dams. It's over-fishing and silt and pollution and all the other destructive results of reckless profiteering.

We should enact legislation that guarantees wildlife's entitlement to food. Moreover, referring to individual sea lions by a long number is alarmingly reminiscent; that policy should immediately be changed to give those sea lions real names, so people might feel it when they are shot and killed.

Boycott salmon. Remember the honorable sea lions who died of starvation and exposure in traps last year, not by their numerals, but by the bleak inhumanity re-invoked by arrogant ignorance, knowing attitudes toward animals are all too easily transferable to people. — Patti Morey, Ashland

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