President Obama said he wouldn't veto the $410 billion spending bill, full of earmarks, because it was last year's business. Business he inherited.

He inherited Gitmo, the stem-cell research ban and our continuing effort in Iraq. On these inherited issues he chose to make changes.

Apparently 8,000 earmarks and $8 billion simply are not enough for him to take a stand on. So much for the changes that were promised! — M. Hauser, Central Point

Good morning boys and girls. Today we are going to learn adult math 101. Gather around.

Now say million, billion, trillion. Once more. Million, billion, trillion. Very good!

Now boys and girls, if we wanted to build a stack of $1,000 bills, one on top of the other all the way up to 1 million dollars, we would have a stack four inches high! Now if we wanted to build a stack all the way up to 1 billion dollars, we would have a stack 358 feet tall!

Now, if we wanted to build a stack of $1,000 bills all the way to 1 trillion dollars, we would have a stack 67 miles high. That's really high.

Well, congratulations boys and girls, you now have a clear illustration of adult math 101! — Richard E. Horn, Medford

We appreciate the Mail Tribune's coverage of the award of a $1 million endowment for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI, formerly SOLIR) at SOU. However, we would like to correct the statement that OLLI is for retirees.

The program is intended for any adult with a flexible daytime schedule, whether they are self-employed, employed part-time, unemployed or retired. In addition, OLLI has a broad mandate to facilitate adult education in the community.

We sponsor a number of programs that are free and open to the public. There are weekly community lectures held Wednesdays from 1 to 3 p.m. on the Ashland campus and approximately monthly community forums held on the Medford campus. We are also starting a vital issues forum, in which renowned speakers will address topics and challenges facing us today.

Furthermore, OLLI has initiated partnerships with community organizations that share its mission. OLLI members volunteer as the educational outreach arm of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Lab, and we are starting a joint venture with ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum to enhance science education.

More information on OLLI's public programs and OLLI in general is available at www.sou.edu/olli or by calling 552-6048. — Larry Kellogg, president, OLLI Council, Ashland

The only thing on which I can agree with Ken Deveney is the title of his letter.

The returning military are being recognized for their service. This country is very proud of the servicemen and women who have hat to serve in this needless war.

As to taking care of the returning servicemen and women, he is totally wrong. Has he ever heard of the VA facility in White City?

Their facility is named Veterans Affairs Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics. Besides their regular programs they have special programs for both Iraq and Afghanistan vets with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I have been a volunteer at the VA SORCC for almost four years. Over these years I have seen more and more younger veterans on the site. So, Ken Deveney should get his facts right before he writes. — Dona Spence, Eagle Point

Look, the Confederate flag does not mean anarchy.

In fact it was under that very flag that some of your friends won their freedom.

I fly that flag, and any other thing I want to fly. Hey, it's freedom of speech.

Lincoln said he would preserve the union at all costs, with or without slavery. Read of Oregon's era of intolerance. As I see it, again, to display this or any flag is the simple right to freedom of speech and expression.

No, Ms. Hall nor anybody else can tell me to take anything down or off my car; deal with it. No white guilt here. You got your black president! — Linda Schluter Tedder, Cave Junction

White City VA honors the service of all veterans. We realize Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a very real concern for many veterans and our PTSD services have not reached all who deserve and need them. Our professional staff has an active plan to increase services over the next year.

White City VA currently provides a 16-session Trauma Rehabilitation Program. Our Klamath Falls VA Clinic offers PTSD treatment to veterans in Klamath and Lake counties through contracted services with local providers, and the Grants Pass Vets Center offers individual, group and family treatment. Veterans who require inpatient PTSD treatment are referred to Roseburg VA Medical Center.

National VA regulations stipulate the following direction through the Uniform Mental Health Services Handbook: "All VA medical healthcare facilities and large Community Based Outpatient Clinics will provide specialized outpatient PTSD programs and the ability to provide care and support for veterans with PTSD." To meet that requirement the White City VA has scheduled six providers to receive training in Evidence Based Therapy for PTSD in April and June, and additional psychotherapy services will become available once training is complete.

The White City VA is committed to caring for our nation's heroes. — Max E. McIntosh, director, White City VA (VA Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics)

Rogue Valley Community Development Corp. would like to thank Pacific Wall Systems for their generous support of our organization.

Not only do they have a great product, but their care for their community is commendable. It is with help from businesses like this that our organization is able to keep on helping low-income families in the Rogue Valley.

The proceeds donated from the mini-cabin raffle at the spring Home Show will help us continue to build green, sustainable, energy-efficient homes. Keep up the good work! — John Wheeler, director, Acquisitions and Construction, Rogue Valley CDC

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