I can't believe the Medford and Ashland school districts are being required to spend within a budget. How dare they require that and to think they are going to make the kids go without tea in the classroom. I've never heard of such punishment!

If I did my math correctly, the 20.5 positions they are eliminating cost about $72,000.00 per year each. I feel your pain! — Chuck Brook, Medford

It is always a dangerous time when Congress thinks they "have to do something." We see that today when our two senators voted approval of the largest appropriations bill the world has ever seen, without ever having read it!

I'm sure the taxpayers of Oregon will be happy to learn that they are paying $8 billion in taxes to build a train from Disneyland (!) to Las Vegas for Harry Reid (D-Nev.). There are many other items like this in the "stimulus" bill; what isn't in the bill is "stimulus." Essentially, there is no encouragement for business to hire people or build their business. The consumer spending entitlement works out to about $13 per week.

Therefore, you need to sit down with your children and grandchildren and explain to them that they are going to be on the hook for about $1.2 trillion with interest for most of their lifetime. Explain to them that the Associated Press, the Mail Tribune and the Democratic Party were so busy cheerleading, that they also had no time to read, analyze, or have a thoughtful discussion of the bill. Therefore, children, you get to pay for this "stimulus" for the rest of your lives. — Lee Topham, Talent

I was astounded to read the normally reputable George Will telling falsehoods about global climate change. He makes much of the "global cooling scare" of the 1970s — but he doesn't mention that this scare existed only in the minds of journalists and not among scientists. The National Academy of Sciences issued a report in 1975 debunking the whole thing.

Mr. Will also claims that global sea ice levels now equal those of 1979. This is a falsehood. I invite any reader to go to the Web site of the source he cites (http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/), where they disclaim his statements.

Lastly, Mr. Will claims that the UN's World Meteorological Organization has stated that there has been no recorded global warming for more than a decade. I could find no such statement on the WMO Web site (http://www.wmo.int/pages/index_en.html). What I did find was data flatly contradicting Mr. Will's claim.

The steadily accumulating evidence in favor of global warming is making the denialists so desperate that they are resorting to bald-faced lies. — Chris Crawford, Jacksonville

Obama wants us to be like it was before the Civil War, a master and slaves. That is all we are now. How many generations will pay for this stupidity?

No pork barrel, it's the whole slaughterhouse. Did they give back the money they stole from Social Security? All it amounts to is, now we have the biggest legal mafia in charge. It isn't for all Americans. I want fairness and honesty — and hard work never hurt anyone. They want to destroy all our fathers worked so hard to establish.

How is it that it was wrong before 1862, but it isn't now? How come we have to give up religion, but not abortion? How come we have to ignore what the banks have done, but we are supposed to beg and borrow to survive? What happened to justice? Oh, I forgot, that is gone also! — Sandra Owsley, Prospect

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