The article "Evolution's survival" in the MT Feb. 16 states that "opposition to evolution is literally unreasonable."

I find the opposite to be true, that is, opposition to evolution is reasonable because "good science" has been proving that Darwinism is based on "bad science." In other words it is a lie because it cannot stand up to real science.

Evolutionists have the gall to teach this lie in America's school system and punish the teachers that attempt to expose the lie of evolution. This is an outrage because the evolutionists are taking away the freedom of speech that is so precious to we Americans. Ben Stein in his documentary "Expelled" has exposed this un-American activity of the evolutionist establishment. — Daryl Anderst, Medford

If we dismiss evolution as 19th century science, let's give 14th century heliocentric cosmology the boot, too (may Copernicus rest in peace).

Intelligent design authors use scientific lingo, but real science means observation and testing before conclusions. And about those coelacanths: Not every member of every species evolves in the same way, or at all. When you get an infection, do you want penicillin or the new antibiotics which treat the evolved superbugs? — Karen Lollis, Medford

"Loading up the nation with debt and leaving it for the following generations to pay is morally irresponsible. Excessive debt is a means by which governments oppress the people and waste their substance. No nation has a right to contract debt for periods longer than the majority contracting it can expect to live." — Thomas Jefferson.

The stimulus package is a fraud against America. This is a worse version of the "New Deal" than ever was perpetrated against the American people, yet eerily similar. The original New Deal (stimulus) put America into a deep depression for over 10 years, only to be saved by war and the total destruction of the factories abroad that were America's competition. Is that what we are hoping for?

Have we all forgotten history, or are America and her leaders so insane as to believe if we keep doing the same thing we will get a different result? This is not "change" and this is not "hope." This is the same thing that got us in this mess. Where is real leadership for this country? — Bryan Merideth, Medford

I would like to thank David Pyles for his words in the opinion section Feb. 15. He was clear, concise, thoughtful and unemotional. We need that.

Do I have the answers to the intersection? Absolutely not. But we can come together and solve this; it is not brain surgery.

As I have said, the ultimate crime is of inaction. We surely can find common ground and "fix" this to protect the often weary traveler on that road.

Perhaps I'll meet Mr. Pyles at a meeting, again I thank him. — Doris Sugg, Medford

On Feb. 24 it had been 26 days, a little over 600 hours, since President Obama assumed office. He inherited an economy from President Bush that in 2000 had a budget surplus and by the end of 2008 had a trillion-dollar deficit. An economy forged by a Republican-controlled government for eight years.

This president has reached out his hand to the Republicans and asked them to help him turn this economy around. The Republicans could only respond, "cut taxes," a failed policy of greed that led to this economic destruction.

The Republican response was simple: "Cut taxes" or we'll let the economy collapse even further. President Obama and the American people were rebuffed by the arrogance of the House and all but three Senate Republicans.

The Republican mantra, spewed by their leader Rush Limbaugh, is that this president "must fail." America "must fail." To achieve their aims they have become the "Do Nothing Party." Traitorous ideology trumps the patriotic call to save the soul of our great nation, the American people.

The Republicans will always be remembered for what they've become, not what they were. — Thomas Smith, Eagle Point

I chuckled at Corey McQueen's Feb. 16 "bumper sticker" letter. I confess I have a well-earned reputation for inflexibility, impatience and arrogance. I suffered traffic frustrations with vigorous pantomimed histrionics.

As an early supporter of President Obama, for over a year, until Nov. 5 (I don't taunt), I displayed a campaign decal on my car. I behaved myself, ever aware that any driving antics could reflect poorly on my candidate. Hardest darn year of my life! —G. Duff Bloom, Medford

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