Big problems call for big solutions, and this country has a huge problem economically. Job losses are mounting at a historic pace, houses are being foreclosed, consumer spending is down, credit is hard to get and local and state governments are reeling to fund schools and public services.

The presidential debates gave the country a choice of leadership and plans to get us back on track. The situation has worsened since November. President Obama has delivered on his plan and I am thankful I voted for him and for Jeff Merkeley.

I have followed the debates on the stimulus bill on television, in the papers and watched President Obama at his news conference and in his town hall meetings. I continue to support him and thank goodness there were at least three moderate Republicans (a vanishing breed) who helped broker a compromise. Sen. Spector's editorial was forthright and stated the case well.

People are skeptical that the mix of spending, extending benefits and tax cuts will work, but I believe when it is urgent to do something you need to take action quickly and not hold back because you don't like the ideas. Now is such a time. — Steve Haskell, Ashland

House Speaker Nancy "Queen" Pelosi (D-Calif.) represents the San Francisco area, the Sodom and Gomorrah of the West.

She wants windfall tax on all stock market profits, tax on retirement funds, 401(k)s and mutual funds. She opposes prayer in schools.

She says, "We need to work toward the goal of equalizing income." (Didn't Marx say something like that?) Pelosi wants to lower your retirement, giving it to others who have not worked for it.

Pelosi has allowed corruption to run rampant in Congress, ignoring serious incidents of crooked behavior within her own party. She promised a new era of ethics enforcement and has failed to deliver.

She continues to protect the worst of political corruption. I use Rep Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) and other corrupt members to bolster my opinion. Also, Harry Reid and Pelosi's stimulus package reeks of pork.

The road to socialism is on the way. — Jerry Hall, Medford

If the president is really serious about helping the American taxpayer, why wouldn't he stop using Air Force One so frequently?

Last week alone he made trips to Indiana, Florida, Illinois and perhaps one other. I don't know exactly what it costs for the plane and all of the security that goes along with any trip, but I am sure it would help many families buy food for the week.

With all of the media resources at his disposal it doesn't make sense to travel like he has been doing. He can get his message out electronically and save us a small fortune.

Most businesses have curtailed their travel. Perhaps he could learn from them. — Myron Hauser, Central Point

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