I have a suggestion for all of the Limbaugh listeners. Tune your AM radio to 1230 and listen to the Diane Rhem show from 7 to 8 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Diane has a national call-in talk show where important and current economic, political and international issues are discussed by a panel of three or more guests. She always invites conservative, liberal and middle-of-the-road guests on the same show to discuss the topic of the day.

You will learn that every issue has valid arguments on all sides. You will learn that not all issues have only one correct solution. I challenge you to listen to her program for one week; it will open your mind to the real world.

As my daddy used to say, Beware of a person who believes that everything they believe and say is absolutely true and correct and everything else is absolutely false and incorrect. — Ronald Steffani, Ashland

By securing our nation's health we are securing our nation's prosperity. The two are as intertwined as air and breathing.

Without our health we have nothing. No ability to work, play or act as a vital, contributing member of society. On the contrary, when one contracts an illness and that person does not have medical coverage, the debt accrued for even the simplest surgery can be crippling. Especially in these volatile times of our economic insecurity.

It is time for single-payer health care. If you are angry about the $700 billion given to the crooks who are responsible for our economic sickness, why not take the steps to secure your and your child's future by supporting H.R. 676 Medicare? It is time to stand up and demand from our government, national health-care coverage like every other First World country in the world. — John Hill, Phoenix

Our birthright as Americans is independence. Have we forgotten how many Americans have died for this?

Whatever happened to "Made in USA" instead of "Made in China"? I purchased plywood from Home Depot: "Made in China" — last time I'll buy that. If big companies would buy "American," then maybe companies like Boise would not be closing. American people would still have jobs.

We are being blinded by the rich and the liberals, from the war in Iraq, to the liberal thinking (do-what-I-want mentality). There are bigger problems; Americans are losing sight of our own identity.

We are the best in the world! Other countries should look up to us, not us depending on them. A guy I work with said "we need China; we need to care what other countries think of us." There again, is the mentality of a liberal and look where that got us ... employing China, not Americans.

Let's turn this around and start drilling for our own oil or pretty soon China will own the oil. Who would have guessed, wood "Made in China"! Next — "Oil made in China." I know you can't always buy American, but let's try. — Mike Kerrigan, Central Point

I am having a problem understanding the mortgage bailout plan.

Using an example: Let's say Mr. X buys a horse from Mr. Y. Mr. X borrows $50,000 from the bank to pay Mr. Y. A recession starts, the value of all horses goes down, and the horse is now worth $25,000. Mr. X is unable to pay the mortgage (a loan). The bank is going to foreclose on the horse. However, Mr. X goes to his congressperson and demands the bank reduce the value of the mortgage on the horse to $25,000 dollars (new value of the horse) but the congressperson insists that taxpayers must pay the bank the difference of $25,000 dollars with no guarantee that the value of the horse will not drop to a much lower value, say $5,000 because the horse comes up lame and is not very valuable anymore because Mr. X did not take care of the horse.

Should the banker again need to lower the mortgage because the horse is now basically worthless and Mr. X is again having trouble making the mortgage payment? Are contracts of any value? Can contracts be changed at will? — Charles Olsen, Central Point

With all the hoopla about Rush it seems people are forgetting one thing: Rush is a radio personality, an entertainer who found a shtick that worked. He is not some right-wing, know-all guru but an overgrown, overblown buffoon. — Douglas W. Cox, Medford

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