Letters to the editor

Rep. Dennis Richardson said, "the Constitution doesn't provide that the state militias are to be at the beck and call of the president to fight any foreign conflict the president may deem appropriate," adding, "most people in Oregon believe the Constitution doesn't allow the Guard to be used like a branch of our military."

Why wasn't it against the Constitution during the Bush administration? — Kathy Eck, Jacksonville

On the National Guard deployment issue: A federal court said governors cannot withhold consent for "location, purpose, type or schedule."

But pending HB 2556 would allow the governor to withhold consent when there is no valid legal authorization to federalize the Guard — not because we don't like the purpose. Supporters believe that the authorization has expired.

Unless Congress issues another authorization or declares war, it would be unlawful for the governor to release his authority. — Carl Darnell, Central Point

Pacific Wall Systems would like to thank all those who purchased raffle tickets to win our mini cabin at the Spring Home Show this year.

Your contributions will help Rogue Valley families achieve the dream of home ownership as proceeds will go to the Rogue Valley Community Development Corp., a nonprofit agency that provides affordable housing in our area. — Nancy Mansfield, Jacksonville

Addictions Recovery Center in Medford has been providing affordable adult residential treatment for 40 years.

It is predictable that the elimination of Genesis will be deeply felt in our community. A DHS epidemiology study in Jackson County revealed that 11,000 people here abuse or are dependent on alcohol or drugs and in need of treatment.

We need more treatment capacity in our community, not less. This news follows the looming 83 percent cut to funded treatment outlined in the governor's proposed budget and aimed at eliminating funded residential treatment across Oregon.

The Addictions Recovery Center will exhaust every effort to bridge the gap created by the loss of Genesis. The community can help by contacting your representative in Salem and letting them know that your community needs residential treatment; no less than 11,000 of our residents and their families depend upon it. — Christine Mason, executive director, Addictions Recovery Center

Instead of giving all these billions of dollars back to the bankers and automakers, who blew it or stole it (oops — meant "received it as a bonus") all in the first place, seems to me it would do more good for the economy to give it back to the investors.

My mother retired a few years ago, and thanks to those bozos, has lost $60,000-plus of her retirement fund! The government should replace those funds, instead of giving it to the idiots who got us into this mess!

Why are they rewarding the screw-ups? — Bob Evans, Medford

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