Federal court upheld a law that prohibits governors from withholding consent to send National Guard troops outside the country because of objections to the location, purpose, type or schedule of active duty. Thus, the U.S. Constitution does give the federal government the right to deploy as directed by President Obama.

State Rep. Dennis Richardson should become familiar with case law before claiming Oregon National Guard deployment is unconstitutional. Politicians have a record of losing wars. — Bill Hartley, Medford

The Grants Pass Daily Courier missed the point in its editorial on HB 2385 in the Feb. 14 Mail Tribune.

You must realize that this is a measure for stupid people. Most of us know it should be against the law to smoke with children in a closed car. We do not want our children breathing smoke-filled air. If we have to have a law for the stupid people, so be it. Most of us don't need to worry about being cited, because we know better.

As punishment, the "adults" who do this should be punished by having to spend a week in a totally smoke-filled room. Only my opinion of course. — Lolita M. Clodfelter, Medford

Using dolphins to protect the submarines in the chilly waters of Puget Sound is the most exciting idea to come from the new administration so far. And, it will provide as great an economic stimulus as any other proposal.

That Obama has not taken credit for this project just shows he is not so arrogant as some have said. Moreover, having dolphins, sea lions and a beluga all working together shows a commitment to bipartisanship and equal opportunity.

However, my wife insists that the sweater-knitting project is absurd because sweaters will not keep the dolphins warm underwater. The dolphins must be outfitted with battery-powered heated vests.

Can you imagine the stories that would-be saboteurs will be telling their lawyers? "I swear I was lassoed by a dolphin wearing a vest. And as it swam away, it rolled on its side and waved a flipper at me!" — Dennis Davis, Medford

I work for Rogue Valley Medical Center and have recently had my job listed as in jeopardy.

I have worked all through my children's young years just to provide them with health care benefits which was only secured through my job. Now, I may lose this.

All across America, people are in similar situations. Come on, people! We need national health care.

My friends from Canada shake their heads and laugh at us. I received great care in Italy while I was there and got sick.

We can do better than this for our hard-working citizens. We deserve single payer Medicare-type benefits for everyone! — Kaye Proctor, LCSW, Talent,

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