Worried about no Saturday delivery? I'm not.

How about three-day residential delivery? Split the routes in half and deliver half on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the other half on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I can wait another day to receive my bills and junk.

Six-day delivery is absolutely unnecessary and wasteful. If businesses need delivery more frequently, then they can make other arrangements or go to the post office. — Jim DeMont, Medford

I wonder if the folks who denounce Rush Limbaugh for wanting President Obama to fail were equally passionate about wishing success for President Bush?

The nation is in trouble because of too much debt, both private and public. What is the new administration's solution? Add vastly more debt! You don't have to be an economist to see this can only end badly. So I support President Obama. I just don't support his policies. — Lynn Barton, Medford

The mystery is partially solved about the Medford Mail Tribune murals at the Rome Airport. Paul Fattig did a great job of researching the information about the murals.

We sent pictures of the murals to Since You Asked in September 2007 to see if they could find out about the murals. We now know about the people in the picture, but now we need to know why the murals are in the Rome Airport. — Gene F. Wolf, Medford

In 1948, before the polio vaccine, I got polio during an epidemic in California. Doctors were trained to handle polio and my parents spent thousands of dollars on treatments for me — two months in the hospital, wheelchair, walker, crutches, leg and body braces for a growing girl, eight years of physical therapy.

I walked on crutches for 50 years and underwent major back surgery because of scoliosis caused by polio.

In the early '90's, I was diagnosed with Post-Polio Syndrome. I slowly lost strength, stamina and range of motion, and now I cannot stand or walk and use a wheelchair full-time.

Medical personnel nowadays are not equipped to handle polio patients. Most have never seen one. Rotary International works world-wide to eliminate polio, but some communities refuse immunization because they think it is a Western plot to harm their children.

Since polio is not eradicated, it is still possible to get it, especially since people travel world-wide now with ease. I pray for parents who decided not to have their children vaccinated and I pray these children do not come in contact with the polio virus and I pray neither will have to deal with the things my family did. — Sylvia Surratt, Phoenix

It appears Gov. Sarah Palin has a sadistic tendency. She allowed state employees to heartlessly use helicopters to chase and shoot 14 adult wolves in close proximity to their den. Then they landed and ruthlessly shot 14 infant wolf pups in the head as the puppies cowered for protection at the den.

What is sporting about chasing any critter to exhaustion, then shooting them at point-blank range? Perhaps Palin enjoys red blood on snow. — John E. Van Syoc, Grants Pass

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