I have worked at Eagle Point High School for the past 30 years. I've got to tell you, I didn't recognized the school described in your article Sunday.

We're just like any other high school. Every now and then, trouble pops up. When it happens at our school, some people, some television stations, and some newspapers try to make it much bigger than it is. (Note to parents: Your kids are a pleasure to teach, and we are a safe school). — Mike Curtis, teacher, EPHS

Licensing guides stinks. It is an act of blatant protectionism for existing guides, adding to the endless list of trades already protected: plumbers, painters, barbers, hairdressers.

Rationalized as protecting the public and stabilizing the trade, what it really always does is restrict competition. That equals lower quality and higher prices for consumers. And don't forget, new fees and a new layer of bureaucracy — oh good. — Lee Morris, Medford

"Join the impact" was formed after California voters approved Proposition 8, banning same-sex marriage. The group has since hosted monthly simultaneous protests across the country. To be part of the "Join the impact" movement, an Ashland church hosts wedding ceremonies for gay couples.

To have a greater impact, I suggest that the Rev. Pam Shepherd should quit preaching to the choir and form a freedom ride to California. Load up the buses and head for Oakland.

Protest in the black communities, which voted overwhelmingly for Proposition 8. The theme of the freedom march through Oakland should be "We will overcome." Stop in front of the black churches that teach hate and sing "America the Beautiful." Deliver a speech expressing a dream that one day couples will not be judged by their preference.

Marrying gay couples will not change the discrimination that exists in California. Shepherd needs a non-impotent plan that will produce results. Imagine the national news coverage she would earn: the Rev. Pam Shepherd of Ashland, Ore., delivers an "I have a dream speech" in Oakland, Calif., to end discrimination by blacks.

Marrying gays will just be another impotent Ashland event. Warm up the freedom buses! — Bill Hartley, Medford

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