With all of the recent burglaries in Medford, why was Gerald L. Ellis, 49, no known address, released on his own recognizance? (Felony arrests, page 2B, Jan. 28.)

Guess I'll have to put more locks on my doors or get a big dog. — Rosalyn R. Rhinehart, Medford

Supporters and members of powerful unions or special interest groups are pleased when their clout is used to cause the changes they desire. Many of those same people clamored against President Bush for using our military supremacy to pressure other countries into compliance. Peace through strength is a sound policy, especially as more and more nations gain nuclear capability.

Unfortunately, many people abused their freedom of speech to belittle and undercut President Bush as he endeavored to secure a safe America with our military might by citing the lack of support for the Iraq war by some countries. Many didn't participate only because of selfish financial interests.

Many liberals found fault with Israel's attack on Gaza, saying that its response was disproportionate. They made Hamas the victims when, in truth, Hamas are the lowest of cowards. They hid and still hide behind their own women and children while intentionally killing innocent Israelis. — Bob Calhoun, Eagle Point

College students who expend time and effort completing scholarship applications are similar to job applicants preparing resumés. Those who cannot write about themselves and their educational goals should take writing classes or seek help to learn. To not try is to fail.

Organizations offering scholarships work hard to make the money they give. What if they did not bother to take the time and effort? Congratulations to students who are willing to experience this opportunity. — Gayle Clason, Medford

Rush Limbaugh has aired his wish that Barack Obama fail as our 44th president. It's a stupid thing to say in these troubled times when we are at war and so many of us are struggling to stay afloat. If Obama fails, America fails.

Who among Rush's legions of followers has the guts to come out and defend his sentiment? Or are you all just hunkered down in the flimsy shanties of your own bigotry and ignorance, reveling in the misery his words portend even if the rafters collapse on your own heads? — Stephen Davis, Talent

Thank you for having discourse on the proposed Oregon provider tax. Dr. Bates has an interesting perspective and it would be curious to apply this logic to other not-for-profit areas that receive some state and federal funding. Since Dr. Bates feels strongly this is the correct thing to do, I wonder why he has such a narrow definition of providers when it comes to the tax? After all, physicians are health-care providers too. — J. Jackson, Jacksonville

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