Regarding your editorial "Lest we forget" on Jan. 20:

I guess Mr. Bush didn't do anything right according to your editorial, but we sure haven't been attacked again since 2001. The economy was clicking right along until the Democrats took over the Senate and House in 2006. Now look what has happened.

Regarding your "Cheers and jeers" editorial Jan. 23: For all the good he did while he was president such as Darfur, Africa's AIDS and malaria problems, elections in Iraq and winning the war on terror, isn't hindsight on your part grand?

I hope you scrutinize President Obama with the same enthusiasm and fairness as you did President Bush. — John Waldrop, Medford

Mayor Debritto of the city of Phoenix has called a workshop meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Phoenix Public Works annex, 1000 S. B St. The workshop will take up the open burning issue.

We have all heard through the news media about the health problems related to dangerous particulates less than 2.5 microns in size. These particulates enter the lungs and cannot be expelled by the body. Open burning produces these particulates. The results can lead to cardiovascular and pulmonary disease.

Phoenix citizens who are interested in banning open burning should definitely plan to come to this meeting and be heard. Hopefully doctors who are reading this message can take a few minutes to enlighten some of the ignorant council members and Mayor Debritto. — Louis Junghans, Phoenix

Regarding: "Who is the patriot?" (Jan. 23): Rush is a political satirist and commentator.

I believe the comment out there is, "I support the troops but not the war." His reply was, "I support the president but not his policies." Amen and say amen again brother! Tell me, from history, how many countries have survived socialism and communism? I can still remember Khrushchev saying he didn't have to fight us, that we'd bury ourselves from within. — Connie Greb, Medford

Two luncheons were held recently at First Presbyterian Church. We hosted OnTrack staff with their clients and small children. Each parent exhibited responsibility and affection in caring for their children.

We believe that Rita Sullivan, OnTrack and their clients deserve our community's support. They are building better lives and we are all better off. — the Rev. Dr. Joyce DeGraaff and First Presbyterian Church, Medford

I just wanted to say thank you to the two gentlemen who towed me and my disabled vehicle off the viaduct Wednesday evening. I did not get a chance to thank you properly.

It was rush-hour traffic and my car suddenly died! These two brave souls didn't even hesitate to assist me. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! — Cindy Warwick, Medford

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