In December, I wrote about a lighted outdoor snowman Christmas decoration that was stolen from our front yard.

I wanted to send this to sincerely thank the young family who read the letter, knocked on our door and presented us a new replacement. It happened so fast we forgot to get their names since the hour was very late for us, but it has reinforced our belief that the majority of people are pretty good.

Also, many who also read the letter either delivered some tasty goodies or contacted us, encouraging both my wife and me. Again, thanks to that very special family. — Norm and Jean Heyden, Central Point

Under President Obama's new rules, I can picture Osama bin Laden's interrogation proceeding as follows:

CIA: Good morning, Mr. bin Laden. We don't want to inconvenience you but we do have a question. Could you please give us your plans for the follow-up attack to 9/11?

Bin Laden: No!

CIA: Thank you, sir, for your cooperation. I'll have your steward walk you back to your suite. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more pleasant, please do not hesitate to ask. — Pierce Kibbey, Central Point

This "little bunny" looks a bit like a kangaroo rat from the Sonoran Desert, but is not related to it. The range of states in which it occurs, according to your article, omits Colorado, from which this interesting critter was originally described.

My wife and I lived in Colorado for 40 years and found pikas, either by sight or sound, everywhere above the treeline in summer from Rocky Mountain National Park, the type locality, southwest to Sharkstooth Pass in the most southwestern Montezuma County.

We have not encountered this animal yet in Oregon, but field guides show it present in portions of the Siskiyou, Warner, Cascade, Blue and Wallowa ranges. — Ray Stanford, Medford

I want to compliment the crews that are cleaning up the Bear Creek Greenway area along Interstate 5 in Medford. It looks so much better and certainly helps the image of Medford for those traveling on I-5. A great job is being done! Thanks! — Kathy Ellena, Medford

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