The Israeli invasion of Gaza appears to be a copy of their attack on Lebanon in 2006. Both caused mass property damage and many innocent people were killed or wounded. Only the Israeli politicians and a rather small group of Americans appear to see no harm in whatever Israel does with its overwhelming military power.

If our Congress and the president in power could only take a more objective view of the problem, blind support for whatever Israel cares to do could be curtailed to some degree.

Hopefully, President Obama will do well in requiring our government to sincerely work on resolving Israel's and Palestine's concerns.

Both sides will be required to be willing to compromise and the oil-rich nations of the area should be part of the solution. Ignoring the situation or supporting Israel 100 percent won't work to end 60 years of turmoil between Israel and its neighbors.

American money being spent on Israel's behalf needs to be reverted to Americans' needs and to humanitarian needs in Africa and elsewhere. — Jim Caldwell, Yreka, Calif.

Part of the ticket cost to the Cinemark corporate-owned Tinseltown presentation of the high-definition Metropolitan Opera Saturday broadcasts and the subsequent Wednesday rebroadcasts goes to the Metropolitan Opera and part goes to Alan J. Stark, chairman of the Cinemark Corporation.

Stark is opposed to civil rights for all as demonstrated by his nearly $10,000 donation in support of California's Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage referendum on the last ballot. Part of your ticket cost is financially supporting a man who advocates discrimination against a significant segment of the population, and has a goal of denying basic equal rights to that community.

Contact the Met at metopera.org and express your concern.

How can we continue to support a program that supports inequality? There are other broadcast venues in the valley. The operas are also being offered on DVD. We have alternatives. Let's use them. — David Gray, Ashland

To all the generous citizens of the valley, you folks delivered again for the ninth year. This year, we collected 9,275 pounds of food and a record $18,000 in cash.

Special thanks to one food donor who gave us a trunkload of food five nights in a row and one generous one-time donor who gave us $8,000.

ACCESS will be able to provide the community with 99,500 meals, enough to feed 4,420 local families for one week.

This annual event continues a successful tradition. Our Christmas lights bring joy to many during the season, but it's the spirit of our community that really cares that brightens our hearts.

Hope to see you next year. — Doug and Barbara Rush on behalf of the residents of Greystone Court, Medford

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