Thank you for your editorial about the Bush presidency quoting Vanity Fair, which may or may not be partisan. That's not important.

It is, however, essential to have a record of the misdeeds of the recent administration to remind ourselves to pay attention to the people who will advise and come to power with a new president.

History will, hopefully, be fair to George Bush, but I suspect it will not describe superior leadership. — Mary-Kay Michelsen, Ashland

Rush Limbaugh has stated that he hopes President Obama fails. With that statement he demonstrates he either doesn't care or doesn't understand that the country would fail with him.

Why should he care? He has his money. Who is the patriot? — Harlan Moore, Medford

He seems nice, polite and looks good in a suit, but even though Barack is a Democrat, makes no difference.

No one is born with a D or R on their forehead, are they? But why can't he support the most basic human right, namely the right to life? His life. He had a pro-choice mother. Yes he did, and she chose to give him life. Those who call themselves pro-choice today should be glad their mothers weren't!

Everyone likes choices. McDonald's or Burger King, etc. If you were to ask someone in 1960, when I was born, if they were pro-choice or pro-life, they would say "What the heck are you talking about?"

I predict that Obama will have a great conversion sometime during his time in office. He will embrace his Christianity and become pro-life.

I hope so, and so do your grandchildren. Planned Parenthood or planned abortion? It seems confusing to me! — Scott Morgan, Medford

Eagle Point kids may finally get their skate park in Eagle Point at the corner of Napa and Platt streets.

The city budgeted $30,000 for the infrastructure and will apply for a grant to provide durable, above-ground equipment. Dan Horton, architect; Bary Kaiser; and CEC Engineering donated their services to produce the engineering plans. In addition, the citizens and many businesses serving Eagle Point have donated over $5,000 during the past few years.

This still leaves the project underfunded, so the skate park supporters are asking folks in the construction business to consider donating labor or materials so the project may be completed this year in spite of the recession. They have also asked for monetary donations from the philanthropists in the community.

If you think you can help or just want more information, contact Wyn Lewis, 541-538-2182, wynlewis@medford.net. — Wyn Lewis, Eagle Point

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