I don't know if there is a God. Maybe there was and he died. Maybe there are many gods. Maybe all is illusion and there is nothing.

Citizens of the USA include believers and nonbelievers. Among believers there is very little consensus other than there is a God, who is defined in many different ways.

In terms of how our government should behave toward religion, I believe it should follow the First Amendment and the principle first delineated by Thomas Jefferson, the "separation of church and state."

Our founding fathers and mothers were mostly Christians but of several different creeds. Jefferson even rewrote the Bible to suit his rational mind-set. Most of them realized that when government favors one religion over others, it usually causes those who don't believe in that form of religion to be persecuted.

Jefferson wrote that religion "is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God." He added that government should not intrude into the "opinions" of individuals and tell them how to worship or believe.

To me this means no government financing of or display of religious creeds, so no 10 Commandments in schools or public buildings and no tax breaks for churches. — Allen Hallmark, Central Point

Chandrayaan-1. What is this? I'll tell you. This is a lunar orbiter launched by India. It is circling the moon now. NASA has a piece of the action, determining whether the poles contain ice. How many of you readers had ever heard of this? Not me.

So now, instead of America wagging the tail, America is a tail. Since Reagan, America has ceased to be exceptional. Reagan declared government was the problem, so in his presidency government was doubled.

Continued regulation of financial businesses would have controlled the markets. How many of us know what derivatives are? Not me, that's for sure. So much gobbledegook for selling worthless paper at inflated prices.

And Bush still doesn't get it. Friday he said regulation was not necessary. Tell that to those who have lost their jobs or their homes or their savings.

And how many of us are sacrificing for Bush's wars? Being old enough, I remember the sacrifices necessary to fight World War II. Not today.

I wish us well. Something good must come of the new regime. Good would be doing away with the imperial presidency.

Bah humbug. It will be a long haul. — Sidney E. Goldberg, Ashland

We keep hearing that there should be equal rights for marriage; this would be fine if one can prove that the marriage of two people of the same sex is equal.

Show me that they have the chance to reproduce within this monogamous relationship. Show me that it is better for a child not to be raised by both a mom and a dad. The fact is one cannot because nature (not religion) declares that a baby comes from two people of opposite sex and is meant to be raised by both parents.

Marriage is defined by nature, not us, and we change it to the peril of the continuation of our race. No, I am not homophobic. I am lovingly stating the fact that changing marriage will not change nature nor make same-sex relationships equal.

So please stop saying that we are intolerant, bigoted and homophobic. Accept the fact that we are against changing marriage because it's clearly evident that only a man and a woman can be united in a way that potentially leads to children and the continuation of our race. You're right that this is discriminatory, but it is nature, not us, that is discriminating. — Mark Eppley, Medford

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