The Atkinson-Just guest opinion in Sunday's paper was right on target.

We believe history will vindicate George W. Bush. He has been continually undermined — treated with malice, mockery and hatred by his opponents and enemies.

We, however, have appreciated his courage, integrity, respect for the office of the presidency, and policies which have protected the nation. — Robert and Joanne Wilcox, Central Point

I must protest Bryan Platt's comment in the Nov. 20 Mail Tribune. Quote: "I am not confident these votes are accurate."

I disagree. I was the Democratic representative at the elections office at 8 a.m. on Nov. 4.

A Republican representative and I watched the elections staff run sample ballots through the machines that tabulated the votes. When there was a jam, they ran them through again. When all the votes were counted, we checked the figures to verify that they were accurate. Finally, we both signed a statement showing that the machines were honest and error-free.

I do not know if the final tally will be red or blue, but I guarantee it will be an honest count. — Jeff Cheek, Medford

Sorry about Mr. Witte's lawn signs (letters, Nov. 17). Stupidity exists in all camps.

However, before he is so quick to throw around the allegations about conservatives in general and the Bush administration in particular being corrupt, dishonest, indulgent and self-centered, and decry dissent from liberalism by conservative media (the few that exist), he should recall the following: The Clinton administration hiding documents from investigations, lying under oath, a president who didn't consider it inappropriate to have sex in the Oval Office with an employee, a new president who came up through the corrupt (his word) Chicago political machine, wants change (unfortunately from democracy and a free society to socialism and a nanny state), who is a partisan, not a healer as he represents (note his appointments of Emanuel and Podesta), accepts support from undisclosed financial sources whose sources are suspect and supports voter fraud while denying his associations with such actions (ACORN).

Barack Obama was a great fundraiser with a very efficient machine behind him, and unfortunately bought an election. It has been said this nation and the Constitution will hang by a thread, and I am afraid we are there. — Raymond Smith, Central Point

Three cheers for Kathleen Parker's column ("The GOP's problem is G-O-D") on Nov. 20! I'm sure every right-wing fear-monger in your readership will scream and want to crucify her, but hopefully Republicans with working brains will reflect long and hard on Parker's words.

I believe in God. I attend church. I'm also a registered independent who sometimes votes Republican, sometimes Democrat, sometimes third party.

I am sick to death of people who tell me that as a believer, I "should" be Republican, or that the conservative on the ballot is "God's choice," or assume that I sign on to every far-right conservative fear-mongering movement.

As Ms. Parker put it: "Armband religion is killing the Republican Party." Wake up, GOP. Your right-wing base that thinks they have co-opted God is dying. You'll either change, or die with it.

One more thing. Hey, Sarah Palin: How do you like being beaten by a "community organizer"? — Craig Callaway, Eagle Point

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