Once again the environmental community is striving to force paralysis through analysis in its latest effort to prevent BLM from complying with the O&C Act.

BLM's proposed forest management plan is in complete compliance with existing laws, is absolutely science-based and is sustainable in every way. Decisions by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court and the U.S. Supreme Court require BLM to comply with the O&C Act.

BLM spent several years preparing the Environmental Impact Statement to ensure it meets current scientific standards. This is real science, not politically inspired science such as the infamous Donato Paper.

Regarding sustainability, this plan has "sustainable harvest, sustainable habitat and sustainable communities."

BLM will concentrate its timber sale activity in areas which need thinning. This will reduce fire danger and provide much-needed jobs plus more timber receipts to the counties.

Environmentalists say they want to protect "old-growth timber" but have no acceptable definition of old growth. Some environmentalists don't want any tree greater than 7 inches to be cut. They then claim that any tree larger than 7 inches is "old growth."

We need legally and scientifically correct forest management — not more political mistakes. — James P. Clason, Medford

I read Bryan Platt's concerns about the integrity of the election because the Republican observers noticed the tabulation machines stalling.

I had the privilege of being an election observer on both Nov. 3 and Nov. 4 and want to share my observations. The election counting was done with the utmost fairness and integrity.

I saw the whole process from signature verification to opening the envelopes to votes being tabulated, and I want to assure Mr. Platt that there was nothing unfair about the handling of our precious ballots. Machines were rejecting ballots occasionally, but they were not "spewing all over the place." Each rejected ballot was handled professionally, the machine was stopped, the ballot was re-fed and its vote recorded.

I don't want Mr. Platt's comments to make anyone in Jackson County doubt the integrity of this election. I assure you all ballots were handled with complete and total fairness. — Sharon May, Medford

Racism can be subtle and hard to recognize. This much is plain: In the last two years, some people opposed Obama because he was black. Millions voted for him because he was black.

Among conservatives, most cared not at all about race and seldom mentioned it.

Among Democrats and most of the press, race was a constant theme, and electing a black president was a high priority and a great accomplishment.

Are racists those who constantly talk about racism and accuse others, or those who don't care? — Ira Edwards, Medford

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