In your Our View column you stated that Gov. Palin was "unqualified." She has more executive experience and a better approval rating than Obama, Biden and McCain combined.

Then on Tuesday Froma Harrop, who, I guess, invented the word "problematical," pretends to be a journalist and does a hit piece on Gov. Palin. I guess her calling Palin's family "dysfunctional" previously just wasn't enough.

You guys must be totally scared out of your wits by a conservative woman who can really connect with people. When the Democratic National Committee gave you your marching orders, did it include personal attacks? — Lee Topham, Talent

With today's economic circumstances, there's a group of citizens who are being lost in the chaos:: The wait people in restaurants are really suffering due to the economic downturn.

There is some information about their situation that restaurant customers should know. First, the wait staff in most restaurants is only paid minimum wage, and they rarely get 40 hours in a week. Their sales are tracked throughout the week and an automatic 10 percent gratuity from each sale is reported to the IRS as income and therefore taxed. So you can see that their weekly paycheck, with taxes coming out for all sales, could be very, very small.

Furthermore, wait people are expected to "tip out" other employees in the restaurant. These include, but are not limited to, bartenders and bussers. Each establishment has its own formula for this.

So, as you can see, when someone leaves less than a 10 percent tip, it really adversely affects waiters. Please consider this the next time you go out for a nice dinner. These people work very hard and deserve a fair tip. — Sandra Rouhier, Medford

The Jackson County area is so blessed with great choices in music and performing arts. I want particularly to encourage people to attend the Rogue Valley Chorale concerts.

Those of us who attended their concert celebrating 35 years of wonderful choral music under the direction of Lynn Sjolund in October had a night to remember.

Lovely singing, amazing diction — you could understand every word — and familiar favorites from every genre.

Please, do yourself a favor and support this exceptional volunteer organization by attending the Christmas concert Dec. 13 and 14. I guarantee the selections will include music that you treasure, some new things to appreciate and a festive afternoon or evening out.

The tickets are the best bargain in town ($20 for adults, $5 for students), the quality is absolutely professional, you'll see so many of your neighbors there.

We should fill the hall. Unfortunately, we don't do that — and these performances have expenses connected with them. So put their performances on your schedule and come on out — you'll be so glad you did! — Mary Jane Dellenback, Medford

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