I am outraged that our so-called representatives in Congress are so willing to put our country (you and me) in debt to the tune of $700 billion (approximately $2,400 per American citizen including children) but have the gall to remove timber payments, that actually mean something to people, from the current budget.

We should throw out every stinking one of them and start from scratch. I have an IRA that is going into the toilet but I don't even care as long as the smug elite go down alongside.

I don't think we should put another cent into bailouts. Put all the idiots who caused it in jail and let the greedy corporate pigs dig themselves out of it. — Bill Hellmann, Central Point

Been a year now .. Teri died on the 24th of September 2007 .. her death and memory have, we hope, caused many women to get their checkups.

Cancer is a beast; early prevention a must. As for you fellas, go with them — a woman should never face the results alone.

A hug has so many meanings. Be there and make sure she knows you love her. Teri would like that ... a lot. — Rick Boyd, Medford

We read so much about animal abuse. A sure cure would be to give the abuser the same treatment he/she gave the animal.

Drag a donkey by a rope attached to a car. Do the same to the abuser. Starve a dog while tied to a short chain. Same with declawing cats. Try having your fingernails removed.

Take out your anger another way. — Marjorie Monroe, Jacksonville

Yes, I am talking about Judge Roy White's sentence concerning the Anthony Thayer case.

Where in the world did this city get this judge? He is on the border of being a complete idiot.

It's bad enough to hit a person over the head with a beer bottle, let alone grind the broken glass into his eyes. I know of nothing that would be more traumatic than losing your eyesight.

Judge White stated he believed this was an act done without thought. Ha, ha, he had to be kidding.

He certainly wasn't thinking when he handed down this ridiculous sentence and this judge should be reprimanded and not be allowed to try any other such cases.

I would never have believed this coming from a man in such a responsible position. — Bill Stafford, Medford

I recently walked in front of the Rogue Valley Medical Center on Barnett Road and was shocked at the number of cigarette butts on the sidewalk, as well as the number of cans full of cigarette butts and litter on the retaining wall (hospital property).

This is not a good image for a major medical center.

Why doesn't the Rogue Valley Medical Center provide an on-site smoking area for employees like Providence Medical Center does? — Murrey Dumas, Medford

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