Letters to the editor

As we human beings have evolved, we've learned to either ignore reality or pretend it applies to others. Some still scoff at the idea that our planet Earth has been in existence for some 6 billion years, but it's a fact. During these few years, Earth has been pummeled by many violent events. Before the last few thousands of years when humans started this present, and now dangerous population explosion, it really didn't matter much.

Now when these events occur, most likely, people will be in harm's way. We have hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, tornados, floods and associated problems. These are disasters only because people now live where they shouldn't. What to do? Not much but hope we are spared or stop developing cities, towns, etc., where they shouldn't be. How many hurricanes will hit the Gulf Coast before people face reality? Been going on for a long time.

The "Big One" is a disaster waiting to happen that will dwarf all others because of its ramifications to almost everybody. Will it happen? Be very assured. Best not to think about reality. — B. Foy, Medford

What bothers me about the Sarah Palin vice-presidential nomination is not so much that she is woefully unready to step in as president, nor that she is clueless about the Bush doctrine of preemptive war. Nor that she imagines that the visibility of Russia from a small Alaskan island constitutes foreign policy experience. It is not even that she lies to us about earmarks. What worries me is the stark fact that McCain selected her as his running mate.

That is the issue — John McCain — and this reckless choice when we face monumental issues: energy crisis, global climate change, staggering economy, toppling financial institutions, global terrorism, two wars. If McCain wins, there is a greater likelihood than at any time in our history since FDR that the VP could become president. By this nomination McCain demonstrates he is woefully unready to be president. That has me losing sleep. — Nancy Parker, Ashland

What happened to John McCain the five years he was in prison in Vietnam is a heart-wrenching story. No wonder he has a raging temper. John is a fragile and broken man with many health problems; therefore, he is not qualified to take on the difficult job of being president of the United States, and the thought of a soccer mom taking on the terrorists should give us all nightmares. — Lisa Roberts, Medford

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